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The Benefits of PicoWay Laser Treatments Before Plastic Surgery

When preparing for plastic surgery, it's important to consider all options for pre-surgery treatments to ensure the best possible outcome. One such option is PicoWay laser treatment, a cutting-edge technology that can provide a variety of benefits when used before plastic surgery.

Precise and Controlled

One of the main advantages of PicoWay laser treatments is the precision and control it offers. Unlike traditional lasers, which use heat to destroy pigmentation, PicoWay uses ultra-short picosecond pulses, allowing for a more targeted and controlled treatment. This precision can be especially beneficial when treating fine lines, wrinkles, or discoloration in delicate areas, like around the eyes or mouth.

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Minimal Downtime

Another major benefit of PicoWay laser treatments is the minimal social downtime required. Unlike traditional laser treatments, which can cause redness, swelling and peeling for several days afterwards, PicoWay treatments typically result in minimal side effects, allowing patients to return to their normal activities soon after the procedure. This makes it a great option for patients who want to prepare their skin for surgery but don't want the added recovery time of more intense treatments.

Effective for a Variety of Concerns

PicoWay laser treatments can also be used to address a variety of skin concerns, such as pigmentation, acne scars, and wrinkles. This versatility allows patients to address multiple issues during one session, rather than having to undergo multiple treatments. Additionally, PicoWay laser treatments can be customized based on skin type and condition, ensuring that patients get the best results possible.

Safe for all Skin Types

PicoWay laser treatment is also safe for all skin types, including darker skin tones, which can be more prone to hyperpigmentation after other laser treatments. This makes it a great option for patients who have previously been unable to undergo laser treatments because of their skin type.

Work with your Surgeon

It's important to consult with both your laser technician and plastic surgeon to ensure that the timing of your PicoWay laser treatment is correct in relation to your surgery, as well as to understand what are the best laser settings and treatments for your skin concerns and type. By using PicoWay laser treatment before plastic surgery, patients can achieve better, more long-lasting results, with minimal downtime. If you're preparing for plastic surgery, consider PicoWay laser treatments as a way to enhance your results.

Please note: This blog post is a general information post, and you should consult your plastic surgeon and laser technician to see if this is the best treatment option for you, and see if you're a candidate for it.

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