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Controlled Injury As Means of Skincare

Let’s get something out of the way: I am not a doctor. I have not received medical training for skincare. However, as a consumer and as a certified provider of microneedling treatments I have made several observations in the way skincare services are offered that I’d like to share with you my readers.

For the record, I have no issue with anyone taking advantage of a legitimate and legal opportunities to market skincare and to grow their business. However, it is my aim to educate and inform my readers about the various treatment options out there and what has been happening in the skincare space.


There is a fork in road among skincare clinics and skincare professionals in the ways that everyone is offering skincare services. On one hand we see an explosion of treatments like platelet rich plasma (“PRP”), skin peels, fibroblast plasma, and even “vampire facials” i.e. combining PRP with dermal and even sub-dermal depth micro-needling practices. On the other hand we are also seeing a quiet departure from these injurious and inflammatory skincare methods – instead abandoning injury-based language and approaches. 


Over the past few decades the research lead to many methods of creating controlled injury to inspire the body to heal itself – a way to resolve fine lines, wrinkles, smalls scars and melasma. These near-surgery like invasive methodologies were offered by many MDs across almost all skincare clinics. The approach was to force the body into a controlled state of injury – to “kick off” the body’s natural healing response – to recreate collagen, to encourage swelling – whatever – to achieve younger more youthful skin.

Things are changing. On the forefont of regenerative medicine, research, and thought leadership we are seeing the research and language changing. The world is increasingly interested in avoiding inflammation, and finding more creative ways to achieve natural healing of their skin.; methods that do not involve blood, surgery, pain and inflammation. As well, skincare professionals have or should recognize that:

1) the body is less and less capable of creating collagen

2) That fibroblasts are a weaker growth factor

3) That collagen contraction is not a solution to the problem

4) Our stratum corneum (outer most layer of skin) is actually a complex defence system and necessary barrier – not one to peel away

Today we still have vendors and authorities selling “Health Canada” approved dermal pen devices but still promote last-generation microneedling strategies that put clients at risk of increased inflammation.

Treatments that result in this (left image) are now being left behind in exchange for gentler treatments like this (right image). 


There is a quiet departure and an abandonment of last-generation skin care that rely on controlled injuries. The position is changing and the language is changing. Why? The world demands safer, less inflammatory, simplified skincare.

That day when we look in the mirror and decide that those fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots must be addressed – by the time that day comes our body has already been in a sustained state of injury for many months or years. The sun, gravity and many other environmental and hormonal factors have already placed our body into a state of injury. We need not inspire any more injury to begin a better healing process. We are injured – and its now time to find healing through gentle supportive modalities.

The approach through our stem-microneedling aims to use 1.5mm stamping motions of a medical grade dermal pen as a delivery and massage method in order to introduce mesenchymal bone marrow stem cells into the junction of the dermal and epidermal layers. Our aim is not to cause injury, not to damage melanocytes in the basal area, but instead to offer a safer approach to skincare that allows you to resolve:

  • lack of skin radiance

  • loss of elasticity and epidermal thickness

  • reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • crow’s feet

  • hyperpigmentation

  • some scars

  • enlarged pores

With other more aggressive and injurious modalities of skincare there is an increase of risk of hyper-pigmentation and post-inflammation.

Your skin has had enough already. What is needed now is gentleness, tenderness and a support system of shallow depth stem-microneedling combined with mesenchymal bone marrow stem cell proteins (growth factors). These treatments are fortified by at-home use of AnteAGE skin serums and accelerators to help maintain your youthful look.

When considering any skincare treatments please be sure to first qualify the treatment and your concerns with your family physician. Your primary doctor is the manager of your medical health record and will make suggestions to you based on your overall medical condition and health history. 

We love your skin, and can’t wait to introduce you to stem-microneedling, the differentiator among all other skincare approaches.