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Switchover Your Summer Skincare to Fall Treatment

Fall skincare treatments

All summer long you’ve been protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. If using retinols, or undergoing professional skincare treatments then we hope you’ve been applying a strong physical sunblock to protect your skin. The summer is when the skin is most prone to injury and certain skincare treatments can expose your skin to risk. Ahead, you’ll find recommended treatments and products that are best suited for the cooler, darker months.

Fall Skincare Treatment #1: Microneedling

Microneedling has been the most popular skincare treatment service that we have seen over the past few decades, because it works! If you’ve been debating about what’s next for your skin then there isn’t a better time for microneedling than in the cooler, darker months. Microneedling is great for a wide variety of skin concerns and provides a nice even texture while improving a health looking glow! Whether you choose professional service or at home microneedling your skin will benefit from this amazing treatment.


Fall Skincare Treatment #2: Chemical Peels

Fall Skincare Treatment Plan Chemical Peels

The fall is the best time to try out a new AlumierMD chemical peel.  Not sure what kind of peel is best for you? Check out our many options and what they resolve. With the summer sun setting earlier and cooler days this is the best time to treat yourself to a pro peel without the higher risks of sun damage and melasma.


Fall Skincare Treatment #3: Add Retinol to your skincare routine

With the hot scorching summer sun slipping closer to the equator now is the time to break out your Retinols. Retinols are an important part of your skincare routine and they’re best applied in the winter months. If you have been using these amazing products in the summer (or when visiting a tropical destination) then you’ll want to save them for before bed and be sure to apply a sunscreen in the morning.

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