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Ivonne Sanchez, Microblading Artist


We are committed to working together with partners both across the health-care system and aesthetic network to deliver high quality cosmetic treatments for people in communities across Ontario. 

If you are a physician, specialist, nurse practitioner, contracted service provider or a community support service agent with a patient who qualifies for cosmetic treatments at our clinic then please use the information below to refer your client.

Our team of professionals includes Restorative Pigmentation Experts, Skincare Providers, and authorized consultants.

A Team Approach

When you refer a patient to our services, a Client Coordinator will work with you and your patient to ensure the best access to our treatments. A Client Coordinator will:

  • complete a comprehensive cosmetic goal consultation and make recommendations based on a right-fit/best-fit approach.
  • develop, or work with you to develop, a plan to support any previous, existing, or upcoming treatments under your direction.
  • connect the patient to appropriate precare and aftercare guides to support their treatments at IVONNE.
Physician Referrals

Schedule A Meeting With Us

Could your patient be a candidate for treatments at IVONNE? Do you have questions about the options and products available at IVONNE and whether they are suitable for your patient? Schedule a Referring Provider Consultation with us.

Forms and Resources

Please refer to the following forms and resources that will help you make a referral to our clinic:

Contraindication List
Policies Service Agreement
Photosensitive Medications
Official Quotes

It is recommended to review our appointment service page to understand the terms and conditions of each appointment.

Disclaimer: IVONNE™ is a Permanent Makeup and Skincare Clinic incorporated under the laws of Ontario and regulated under O.Reg. 136/18 Personal Service Settings