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Scar Treatments for Self Harm Scars

Skin is a big seamless organ, and it protects our precious network of nerves, muscle, bones and critical organs that make up this thing we call a body. A small tear, stretch or burn injury can forever shape and change this very important protective “mesh”. Scars and stretch marks can easily be hidden, depending on their location but the fact is they will never completely go away.

There are a variety of reasons why our body would undergo injury and mainly this is due to accidental injury and a consequence of pursuing recreational activities, but there are also situations where scarring is intentional and the effects are just as serious and just as permanent.

What is self-harm?

Intentional self-harm includes purposely self-inflicted poisoning or injury and suicide.

Who Is Getting Hurt?

“For girls age 10 to 17, intentional self-harm made up 45% of all injury hospitalizations in 2013-2014..” CIHI

Self Harm Statistic Report

For those who experience injury at a young age (intentional or otherwise) they have a high availability of stem-cell cytokines that rush to the scene and aim to repair the body, quickly and efficiently. Superficial scars can easily fade away, but there is only so much the body can do on its own, cosmetically speaking, to resolve scarring from deeper and persistent injury.

As adolescents age and move into new and different circumstances they may eventually stop self-harming, find emotional resolution and for some a new life altogether.  Some are ready to leave behind both the emotional and physical scars of their past and it can seem difficult to do so when the traces of their past linger on the canvas of their body.


Do Self Harm Scars Go Away?

It only takes a single act of self-harm to potentially leave a life-long scar on your body.  We can often expect that scars will be permanent though they may fade greatly or change over time but they will never go away completely. There are, however, things that can be tried to help reduce their appearance.

Why Does The Body Scar?

Scars form when the dermis (deep, thick layer of skin) is damaged. The body forms new collagen fibres (a naturally occurring protein in the body) to mend the damage, resulting in a scar. The new scar tissue will have a different texture and quality than the surrounding tissue.

How long do cuts take to heal?

Minor cuts and scrapes can take only a few days to heal and often without much scar tissue. However, deeper cuts and major injuries can take up to several weeks to fully heal, and can leave long-lasting scars in their place.

What can be done about Self Harm Scars?

There are a growing variety of treatment options available including skin grafts or makeup. You should always consult with a family physician about any questions related to your mental or physical health and include them in your treatment plan.  Your family doctor is the owner of your master health care record and can connect you with many resources.

At Ivonne Sanchez beauty we offer permanent scar camouflage tattoo, which uses traditional tattoo methods combined with custom formulated pigment matching. Using microneedling, camouflage tattoo, or a combination of both your scars can be smoothened and repigmented, blending away the trace of any visual scars.

Can my scars be treated?

In order for scars to be treatable with microneedling and/or camouflage tattoo they must have healed for at least 2 years and be white in colour (not red or pink).

Will my insurance cover the cost of scar camouflage tattoo?

The terms of your personal or group benefits all vary between insurance companies. For more information on what insurance companies do cover, and whether your camouflage tattoo is reimbursable, please contact your plan administrator or the customer service department of your insurer.

What If I’m uncomfortable or ashamed about my scars?

Although difficult there are so many resources and people who support your healing process. At IVONNE we have a private setting and can accommodate consultations and appointments outside of business hours. If you have special circumstances, or specific requirements please let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate you. We understand that you have been through so much already. We’re an inclusive and judgment free environment and we’re happy to be part of your healing process.

What can I do if either myself or someone I know is self harming?

If you are concerned about yourself, a friend or family member, it’s okay to ask about self-injury. Check out the link below to learn more about what can be done and how you can help.

IVONNE is a beauty salon located in Ottawa’s downtown core. Offering core beauty services and specializing in permanent makeup, cosmetic tattoo Ivonne began offering scar camouflage tattoo. Since then we have heard many stories of courage.