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How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks and Scars Fast!

It’s a fact: stretch marks and scars – they happen! It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  After pregnancy or significant weight gain and loss the abdomen and other areas of the body can be left with unsightly stretch marks. We’ve learned from many Instagram stars and celebrities that it’s possible to rock those scars and move on, and there is real power in owning that look! After-all, some of them look great – they have amazing contours, they define our sculpted muscle or make us look interesting! 

But, our feelings feel and our insecurities sometimes get the best of us. Whether we’re at the gym, the beach or the pool we sometimes catch a glimpse of ourselves and wish that those marks would simply vanish and it can be tough to find that confidence and move on. For some, these scars tell a story that we are done telling, and it’s now time to tell a new story.

Although there are several surgical procedures that can reduce or eliminate certain stretch marks by removing excess skin, there are other alternatives. If you have red or blue stretch marks marring your skin, treating the condition with a process called “cosmetic micropigmentation,” or permanent makeup, can be effective in reducing the appearance of the marks.  Now artists in permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoo can help! 


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Using cosmetic tattoo pigmentation and a permanent makeup machine with a specific set of needles artists can now help conceal and camouflage those stretch marks and scars. 

A stretch mark is a scar; the skin has been stretched to the point that an actual scar has been created. The cosmetic procedure involves embedding an organic pigment under the skin to add permanent colour, camouflaging the appearance of the stretch marks in Ottawa patients. This procedure is often used to enhance eyebrows or lips as permanent makeup, and can also be effective for stretch marks. A hand-held system applies the pigment by puncturing the skin hundreds of times per minute with a tiny needle, and pushing the pigment into the targeted area.


It is important to work with a professional who understands the diverse and various colours that make up your unique skin tones. Together in your consult you will choose a combination of pigments that will strike the perfect balance to cover up those bright scars and stretch marks.  This process is much more than simply shading in a single colour over a set of lines. Instead, this is about choosing a unique colour set that mimics your sky-like “inconsistent” skin composition.  This is about hand-picking a custom colour scheme to make those scars and stretch marks nearly undetectable.

This is an art.

Not all damaged skin will take to holding pigments and not all skin will accept it in the same way. This process is truly an experiment but one that is worth exploring if you’ve had enough of avoiding photos, or are reluctant to show off that body. 

There are no guarantees of what the outcome will look like. Everyone is different. Every scar and stretch mark is different. But micropigmentation can modify and help compensate for unwanted body marks and scars.

If you think you’re ready to make a change in the way your stretch marks or scars look then visit the Booking page and schedule a time with me!