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Ivonne Sanchez Presents the Art of Permanent Makeup to Versailles Academy Students



October 2023 -  Versailles Academy Ottawa was thrilled to welcome a distinguished guest, Ivonne Sanchez, the owner of IVONNE® @ivonneclinic. Ivonne is renowned in the field of beauty and aesthetics, especially known for her expertise in permanent makeup, laser treatments, and advanced skincare. Her visit was a unique opportunity for students enrolled in the Professional Medical Esthetician program to dive deep into the world of aesthetic enhancements, particularly around Permanent Makeup.

Here's a glimpse into that enriching experience.

Bringing the Art of Permanent Makeup to Aspiring Estheticians

IVONNE's primary goal for this visit was to introduce the students to the vibrant world of permanent makeup. Ivonne has always believed that permanent makeup isn't just about applying color; it's about enhancing natural beauty and instilling confidence in one's appearance. During Ivonne's presentation, I delved into the intricacies of brow and lip cosmetic tattoos, sharing the latest techniques and trends that are reshaping our industry.

Showcasing Transformations

A picture speaks a thousand words, and this was certainly true when Ivonne showcased her portfolio of before and after photos. These transformations are close to Ivonne's heart because they represent not just a change in appearance, but also a journey of self-discovery and empowerment for her clients. It was wonderful to see the students' reactions to these transformations and to discuss the detailed work involved in each case.

The Intersection of Technology and Aesthetics

As someone deeply passionate about the integration of technology in beauty treatments, Ivonne was excited to talk about advancements in laser therapy. She always been fascinated by how these technological advancements can offer solutions for a variety of skin concerns, and sharing this fascination with the students was truly rewarding.

Emphasizing the Importance of Skin Health

One of Ivonne's key messages to the students was the importance of understanding and maintaining skin health. As beauty professionals, our job goes beyond the surface; it's about understanding the skin’s needs and addressing them with the right treatments. This approach is fundamental to providing exceptional service and achieving lasting results.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Throughout Ivonne's career, she has learned that passion and dedication are the cornerstones of success. Sharing her journey with the students, she hopes to inspire them to pursue their dreams in the beauty industry with the same fervor. The energy and enthusiasm in the room were palpable, and it reminded me of her of her own early days in the field.

A Heartfelt Thank You From Ivonne Sanchez

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Versailles Academy for inviting me to speak. It was an honor to engage with such eager minds and to contribute, even in a small way, to their educational journey. This experience was not only a chance for me to teach but also to learn and grow from the interactions with the students.

As I reflect on my visit, I am filled with hope and excitement for the future of our industry. The students at Versailles Academy showed a genuine passion for learning and a curiosity that will surely take them far. I encourage everyone to keep an eye on these rising stars! For those interested in seeing more of my work, feel free to visit my page @ivonneclinic. Here's to the future of beauty and aesthetics, where passion, innovation, and artistry converge!