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IVONNE, Inc. Registers Trademark for IVONNE

The Company's clinical Permanent Makeup, Skincare, and Laser Tattoo Removal services are now known as "IVONNE".

OTTAWA, ON, November 16, 2022 /CNW/ - IVONNE, Inc. has registered a trademark for its Permanent Makeup, Skincare, and Laser Services, which shall be marketed as IVONNE. IVONNE is currently the only Permanent Makeup Clinic in Canada to have both AlumierMD® medical-grade skincare and PicoWay® laser treatments.

"As permanent makeup grows in popularity there is a huge difference in our clinic that supports all phases of the permanent makeup cycle, from glowing skin, to cosmetic tattoo, and finally removal. Our offering is about building a lifelong journey with our clients", said Ivonne Sanchez, Founder of IVONNE, Inc. "With this trademark registration, IVONNE continues to establish itself as the leader in permanent makeup treatment delivery."

Many permanent makeup clients have already made appointments for laser skincare and laser tattoo removal treatments, and the company will complete its initial round of laser treatments by late fall of 2022.

"We're speaking to clients every day who are excited to visit IVONNE for its complete approach to permanent makeup that factors in both skin health and cosmetic laser tattoo removal".

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IVONNE, Inc. is a locally owned boutique cosmetic clinic focused on the research, development, and implementation of effective skincare, permanent makeup, and laser treatments. Founded in 2017 IVONNE focuses on providing clinical treatments using only the most advanced products and technologies. IVONNE is one of the first technology-based, end-to-end permanent makeup and skincare clinics with a focus on skin health, pigmentation, and laser removal processes. IVONNE's delivery of services is focused on a curated collection of treatments and products, through its close partnerships with regulatory experts, medical suppliers, and cosmetic manufacturers. IVONNE has built what it believes to be the next generation in cosmetic services, encompassing state-of-the-art technology and use of medical-grade skincare formulations.


For further information: Chris Cascanette, Director Business Development, Marketing, IVONNE, Inc. Email:, Phone (613) 695-1570 Website