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Microblading Ottawa Groupon: Your Guide to Buying Discounted Beauty

Microblading Ottawa Groupon Artist Cover Photo

How much can you expect to pay on Groupon for microblading in Ottawa?

For any Groupon Merchant advertising on Groupon they’re required to offer their service for 50% off the regular rate! Groupon then charges the Merchant up to 30% of that, plus any additional fees.

So as a shopper what can you expect to pay for microblading from Groupon in Ottawa? The regular price for Microblading in Groupon in Ottawa range between $190 and $650. This means  that you could find a deal for as low as $137.60!

What should you pay? How much is too much - how much is too little?

If you’re getting your face tattoo’d you’ll definitely want someone who can service your questions and support you afterwards. What if something goes wrong, or you’re not sure about how they’re healing? What if they’re not healing? Will the Groupon merchant who you paid $275 be there for you? Will they reply to your messages or pick up the phone?

How should you choose a Groupon merchant For microblading?


What should you look for when buying microblading In Groupon?

We’ve written before about how to choose a permanent makeup artist, and if there is one piece of advice we can emphasize – its social proof.

Make sure that your artist:

  • Is Certified
  • Inspected by Public Health
  • Has examples of their own work published (not stock photos)
  • Has an authentic online presence (no fake review and bought followers)
  • Has insurance. Seriously. Ask them!
  • Has sufficient experience and skill
  • Is not just a moonlighter or weekend-warrior. Permanent Makeup is an art and it commands the full-time attention and dedication. It’s not something that most artists can just do on the side.


Would you get into an Uber with a driver who has less than a 4.5 star rating? What about a 4.3 star rating. What about a 1.2? What about a dental clinic? Would you choose a dentist with less than 4.5 stars?

It’s one thing to take an Uber ride with a chatty driver at 4.2 and that ride is over. But when you’re looking to tattoo your face this is a permanent decision that could never go away.


If you’re making a purchase decision based on reviews, make sure the reviews actually talk about the service you’re looking for. Great reviews about nail services are not the same about Microblading.


What are the risks in buying microblading from Groupon?

The risk in any microblading service are similar to the risks with any tattoo.  There are inherent risks when working in the skin, like infections from unclean tools or working environment. Incorrectly mixed pigments. Mixing tap water with pigments. 

The lower the price, the higher the risk.

If you make the wrong choice microblading removal is $200 per session, and often requires up to 6 sessions or more to undo what was a completely avoidable mistake. This can take between 6 and 12 months, and even then, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to get back to where you started. Microblading removal can sometimes leave you with limited options should you still want permanent makeup again in the future. Too much scar tissue can mean that you no longer qualify for any permanent makeup at all. Incomplete removal could leave with you fewer choices in terms of colour or style for your next set of brows.

Microblading Ottawa Groupon Client
Ottawa Microblading Client Requiring Removal Before & After

What are the alternatives to buying Microblading in Groupon?

Reach out to your network of friends and colleagues. Ask for an eyebrow tattoo or permanent makeup referral or recommendation from your favourite Facebook group. Chances are if the artist is great they’ll show up in the answers.

Rely on the actual personal experiences and testimonials. The beauty industry is notoriously clique-y and referral networks are usually a closed circle. If you do get a referral from a beauty industry pro like your hairdresser or nail girl be sure to do your research anyway!

When it comes to shopping for microblading in Groupon it’s important to understand that microblading is a core and primary service. It’s the “Parkas” of Canada Goose; the “Big Macs” of McDonald’s. For the same reason that we don’t see dentists advertising teeth-cleaning or cavity-filling in Groupon we also should never see microblading offers as a discounted service. 


What else should I consider when budgeting for microblading?

The buy-in just to participate in eyebrow tattoo by an experienced professional is usually $500. For $500 you generally get:

  • An inspected, insured, and  certified artist who studied the skill
  • A rush-free consultation and brow mapping
  • More than enough time to complete a professional microblading service
  • Aftercare product and instructions
  • Support to get you through the healing period with a plan if things go sideways
  • A fully compliant clinical environment

What will you get from a microblading professional charging $600-$1,000 for new brows?

All of the above plus:

  • An artist who continues training, growing, and evolving their skills. You’ll benefit from increasingly better annual touch-ups!
  • A clinic that invests in better products and tools
  • Access to contests, rewards, loyalty programs, and referral points.
  • Lower risk of removal, incorrect microblading or complications

IVONNE is a Permanent Makeup and Skincare Clinic located in Ottawa’s downtown core. We’re known for our brows.