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How To Fix Bad Microblading

Solving Microblading Gone Wrong: Avoid The High Cost of Low Prices

Doing your homework is so important when choosing a microblading artist. But there will always be the possibility that you won’t get exactly what you want. Even worse, working with the wrong brow artist could land you in a spot where you need to have correction. Don’t worry, though – microblading as a semi-permanent treatment is fixable. There are many options to fixing mistakes both to the shape of your new brow or even the colour. 


Many beauty shoppers will do their research first, and it’s not too hard to find stories about botched eyebrows.  

There are usually red flags in these stories.  Words like “Groupon“, “promo”, or “pop-up” will stand out. Ensuring that your artist is skilled and well-trained is so important. Having a brow mistake by an experienced artist means that although mistakes are rare, they have completed enough services and know how to solve them.

An artist that is poorly trained or not connected to an experienced mentor could mean that you’re on your own and left disappointed. Choose an artist that isn’t living off of deals, promos and Groupons.

Bad Microblading with correction
Top: Incorrect microblading combined with incorrect white titanium dioxide correction attempt. Bottom: Removal of titanium dioxide pigments.

How To Avoid Bad Microblading

Avoid changing the shape of your brow. Cosmetic tattoo is not for transplanting your brow to another area of your face. Too often laser tattoo removal requests come in from clients who had their brows lifted high, and way above and outside of their natural position. If you want lifted brows, this is what filler and facial surgery is for.


This usually results in a lifetime of brow waxing as you then always need to wax the natural tails (double tails) like the photo above. In this case the client had their brows lifted far too high and the technician followed-up with an application of a white pigment (presumably to work over the old pigment in the natural brow.)

In cases like these there is a lot of work to be done to remove the unnatural brow.

Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal model at IVONNE



Why Pay Full Price $1,000 For Fixing Microbladed Brows? Isn’t That Expensive?

We know the costs, and we can confidently say that to open a blade, source and blend the right pigment, insure the service, AND comply with health regulations means big bucks. We get it. There are a ton of people out there who are cutting corners and offering rock bottom pricing.


Just look at some of the work below: 

Incorrect Microblading Examples As Shown In Search Results For "Bad Microblading" Image: Google Search Engine Results for "bad microblading"

So what can you do if you made the wrong choice, or even if you made the right choice but things didn’t quite go as planned?

Treatment Offering Details at IVONNE

Can Microblading Be Corrected or Even Reversed?

Chances are, if your microblading didn’t go as planned, you would not be comfortable in returning to your brow artist to ask for a fix. You’ll most likely be searching for someone else. How do we know this? Because we see more microblading fix requests than we would like to.  

Keep in mind that changing microblading artists creates complications.

Many microblading artists do not usually perform brow corrections over another artist’s work. This isn’t a territory thing – it’s due to 2 things:

  1. Liability

  2. Complexity

Every artist has their own method, their own colour mixing formula, and their own approach that they have fine-tuned over time. To undo another artist’s work requires a lot of effort and patience.

In many instances, there are solutions to microblading gone wrong. Everything from removal, shading, nano brow, or cooling down. These are all great techniques that can help resolve those “happy little accidents”. In just a few sessions, you’ll have your brow game way back on point.


How Do You Fix Bad Eyebrows?

Video: Watch This Eyebrow Microblading Correction


“I don’t need a FULL microblading service. I just need this microblading fixed.”

Fixing microblading is more than just a top-up, and straightening out what didn’t work the first time. It can be a long, complicated process. Where a new artist has been chosen, things can become really interesting.  Your new artist must start from scratch. To correct or confirm the shape your brows must be re-mapped, re-drawn and then approved by you.

If the colour is wrong then they may need to be lightened or cooled down first, before a new and different pigment can be applied. In the worst scenario, manual removal may be needed to take out the incorrect pigment.

As you can tell, fixing brows is not just a tweaking exercise. It’s a mini-project. This is often why a new artist requires a full microblading or nano service to be performed over just a touch-up.

Will Microblading and Nano Brows Fade Completely?

If it is early on in the healing process and it has been determined that those brows must go, then your microblading provider may ask you to do all the things you’re not supposed to do in order to stop retention. Wreck those brows!

  • Get them wet. 

  • Take hot steamy showers.

  • Exfoliate.

  • Expose them to direct sun.

  • Work out.

*CAUTION: As part of your aftercare instructions, clients are usually encouraged NOT to do these things. So please don’t take matters into your own hands and try to resolve your unwanted brows using these steps unless you have been expressly instructed to do so by an artist who you have consulted with. We repeat: Please don’t do these things unless your microblading artist intends to use them as part of your brow correction strategy.

Microblading performed correctly means that those brows should absolutely fade into nothing over time. Nano brows will take much longer and possibly up to three years. But since we’re talking about botch jobs, this could mean that microblading performed too deeply will stay forever and blur out. 

Eyebrow Tattoo Laser Removal

If your microbladed brows have healed completely then you may be a candidate for laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo brow removal can be done in between 1 and 6 treatments, depending on:
  • Depth
  • Age of cosmetic tattoo
  • Pigment colour

Laser Tattoo treatments are now available at IVONNE using a PicoWay device with revolutionary picosecond technology.


Can Microblading Forever Change the Shape of Your Natural Eyebrows?

When your permanent makeup artist maps and draws your eyebrows, they are (ideally) finding your natural brow shape. So if that shape is missing, then it can be restored. An unskilled or zealous artist may actually give an incorrect shape to your brows, extending their boundaries far outside of the natural hair zone. This can result in disappointment and require a microblading correction.


How Much Does It Cost To Fix Bad Microblading?

As mentioned earlier, fixing economy brows is a complete do-over. It also takes much more time to resolve brows that are mapped incorrectly or asymmetrically.  A client seeking out brow correction can expect to pay up to 1.5 times the cost of regular microblading (at minimum). 

Bad brows? Get a free consultation with one of our trained experts.