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Microblading Healing Process: What Happens In The First 30 Days

Although trends may come and go, it seems that microblading eyebrows will remain popular. Because they can be achieved with timeless, classic and natural looks, microbladed brows have become quite popular all over the world.

However, the end result is not always well-understood after the procedure. Your eyebrows must go through the microblading healing process in order to get the best results.

Recovery from any eyebrow tattoo can be physically and emotionally difficult. Before scheduling a treatment, it is best to learn and prepare yourself for the healing process of microblading so that you will be more prepared and able to take on this personal care project.


Find out everything about the recovery from microblading in this article.

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How Long Does It Take to Heal Microbladed Eyebrows?

Microblading requires a 6 to 8 week recovery period that includes stages of swelling, pain, scabbing, and colour change.


When the skin has fully healed, the pigment has had time to set in, and the touch-up has been completed, the microbladed brows will settle in to their final shape and colour. You must schedule a touch-up appointment after the healing process on the brows is complete in order to fix any potential flaws.

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What Should I Expect During the Healing Process After Microblading?

An emotional rollercoaster is a great way to describe the healing process for microbladed eyebrows. There will be times when you'll feel that you didn't get what you wanted and that the colour seems to be the wrong one.

It will also be challenging to keep from picking and itching the scabs. When you wake up one morning and discover your brows are gone, you may even freak out a little!

It will be worthwhile in the end to be patient and exercise self-control during the microblading healing process.

It's important to understand that not every person's skin heals in the same way. While some individuals may recover from microblading quickly and without any scabs at all, others may require up to six weeks or more for their skin to heal. Retention also varies from person to person, and from skin type to skin type.

Recovery time for microblading depends on a number of factors:


What Are the Stages of the Healing Process for Microblading?

There are typically 6 stages of healing after microblading, some of which overlap:

  • dark and swollen eyebrows (days 1-4)
  • flaking and scabbing (days 5-10)
  • eyebrows were too light and nearly invisible (days 8-11)
  • the colour is returning, but the brows still appear spotty (days 11-41)
  • touch-up (6-8 weeks after the initial procedure)
  • full recovery (after a few days of microblading healing process after touch up)

These are the most frequent stages of the recovery process after microblading, as well as some common time frames during which they take place.

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The initial phase is the most difficult to get through, in part because you have to take extra care to avoid ruinining your newly microbladed brows and the skin.

If you're lucky, some of the microblading healing stages won't be too bad, but be ready for the worst — some of them may be rather uncomfortable.

IVONNE_Fully_Healed_Brows_ProcessImage Source: IVONNE, Inc. data files. © Copyright 2017-2022. All Rights Reserved.

Microblading Healing Process Day by Day

Days 1 and 2

Your brows are puffy, and the area around them is crimson. Touching the are causes feelings of tenderness. You might regret getting the treatment done since the pigment appears overly dark and thick.  This is normal and will self-resolve.

You must exercise caution since the are between your brows is extremely delicate and vulnerable to infections.

What should you do?

Don't worry!

The chosen colour will now be present. Upon completion of the microblading healing procedure, brows will lighten by 30–40%.

Follow the aftercare instructions for microblading closely. Avoid getting your brows completely wet, using cosmetics, sleeping on your face, excessive perspiration, hot tubs, and direct sunshine.


Days 3-4

You'll be pleased and your brows will look better. You have grown accustomed to not having to draw them out or fill them in with pencil each morning. Although still too black, they are gradually beginning to lighten up.

Now what?

Continue to treat the microbladed area with extra care. If your brows still appear overly dark, don't worry; this is very normal; the pigments simply haven't had time to set.

Your brows need to be cleaned thoroughly because they are a fresh wound.


Days 5-7

The stage of scabbing starts around day 5. The microbladed area itchies. Even if you might be annoyed, it is not okay to scratch. Since the area is still somewhat delicate, scratching could lead to complications.

The pigment has only been partially injected into the skin (just under the basal membrane between the epidermis and dermis).

As a result, picking at your scabs can figuratively pull out the colour from larger places, leaving you with patches. Scratching can also remove it.

The scabs appear and then begin to flake.

You might even panic if you are unfamiliar with the steps of the healing process after microblading. Remember that this is very typical and that most people will have to struggle with scabs as their microblading heals.

The skin of some people flakes a lot, while the skin of others seldom ever scabs.

Now what?

Wait patiently for the scabbing stage to be complete while keeping your cool.

Apply an ointment to your brows if your makeup artist advised it and clean your brows frequently. Avoid scratching the skin surrounding your brows because you risk removing the colour. The pigment can be replaced if you unintentionally scrape and remove it during the touch-up.


Days 8-10

Your brows are much lighter than they ought to be, and the scabs are beginning to peel off.

You could believe that the pigment is being rejected by your skin, but this is typically untrue. Your brows are still healing from all the scabbing and peeling. They are now thin and spotted.

It's possible that the new skin underneath the scabs appears unusually light; don't panic, it will become more natural-looking in a few days.

Now what?

Again, try not to panic.

Don't rush to the microblading provider and demand a refund after concluding that the entire procedure must be a failure. Almost everyone who has had their brows microbladed experiences this.

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Days 11 – 28

Your recovery from microblading is almost complete, and the hardest part is behind you.

The ultimate form of your microbladed brows is now taking shape. Some strokes/areas may first appear spotty, but they will eventually become more uniform. You still need to be patient for a little while longer because the healing process for microblading is not finished yet.

You can be now expect to see a glimpse of what the end result of your brows may look like, which may make you happy. Also, you are relieved that the scabbing is finished. You can gradually resume some of your normal daily routines now that the treated area's skin is less sensitive, but be sure to follow your provider's recommendations and avoid specific products and activities.

You can see now more clearly just how the brows look and that the skin has absorbed the pigment towards the completion of the third week.

Don't worry if they're still patchy; the touch-up session will allow for their correction.

Now what?

If you haven't already, schedule the touch-up.

The first touch-up  should be done 4-6 weeks after the treatment, at the end of the healing phase, however some artists prefer to wait up to 8 weeks.

To make all the imperfections right, use this touch-up appointment. It is at this stage that more strokes are added if the brows appear uneven or spotty.

Days 28 – 42

Finally, the healing phase of microblading is complete.

Some brows heal more quickly than others. Again, these factors really depend on:

  • your age
  • skin type
  • general health
  • daily schedule
  • and way of life

Your brows will assume their ultimate final look and colour after the touch-up.

You should love your new brows if you've followed the aftercare instructions and the microblading provider did a superb job.

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What If My Brows Get Wrecked? How Do I Fix Bad Microblading?

Completely ruining your brows are rare and only happen if you do not follow the aftercare instructions. But what if you've had your microblading done by an inexperience provider? What can you do about bad brows? Don't worry, it is now possible to fix bad or damaged brows. IVONNE is an authorized provider of PicoWay Laser technology. It's unique and state-of-the-art photo-acoustic technology gives you brow removal options. Now you can rest easy knowing that pushing "reset" on your brows is just a flash away.



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