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IVONNE Website and Email Are Moving to

By January 9, 2023 the IVONNE website will move to a shortened Canadian domain Until then, many of its digital assets will slowly start to incorporate the use of the new domain name, e.g. social media profiles.

Emails will also be sent and received at Rest assured that previous links and email addresses will still forward to the new domain name

This important move to a new digital home coincides with IVONNE's Canadian trademarks, IVONNE and IVONNE.CA, which registered on November 2, 2022. will offer its clients and website visitors an easier, more user-friendly way to interact with the IVONNE brand.


Why .ca?

".ca" is Canada's Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD). (Say that five times fast - we tried!).

IVONNE is a Canadian Permanent Makeup Clinic first. Everything we do supports Canadian clients' and visitors' diverse and unique cosmetic needs. 

Our permanent makeup treatments focus on the growing variety of skin tones and needs from across the globe and how they are affected by the four seasons here in Canada.


For the brand to grow, we're making way. Ivonne Sanchez will always be our founder and the person behind the brand. IVONNE represents the growing and diverse population of Canadian cosmetic clients. With increasingly varied ethnic and racial backgrounds, IVONNE aims to reflect the Canadian of the future. will help support the future of every Canadian looking for the best-in-class Permanent Makeup.

Disclaimer: Please note that IVONNE, Inc. has no affiliation with, an apparel brand operating from the United Mexican States ("Mexico").

If you have any questions or technical difficulties related to the upcoming change from to please contact us through our social media, email, or website. These changes will not have any other effect on your appointments, account credits, or history, all of which remain the same.

We look forward to seeing you from/on in 2023.