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IVONNE Introduces Groundbreaking Pigments Crafted for Canadian Skin Diversity


Ottawa, September 21, 2023 - IVONNE, a renowned leader in the field of permanent makeup and laser skincare treatments, proudly unveils its revolutionary line of pigments, designed to cater specifically to the rich and diverse beauty of Canadian skin. Collaborating with established French laboratories renowned for their expertise in cosmetic formulations, IVONNE has embarked on a journey to redefine the industry's standards of luxury and safety.

Certified for use and sale in Canada IVONNE pigments have achieved CE class IIb certification as a medical device under European law, demonstrating their commitment to quality and ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. The pigments are sterile, single-use, and manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing the utmost safety for clients.


When it comes to PMU pigments, IVONNE's scientific formulations are unparalleled. Pigments serve as the vital ingredient that imparts colour to ink. Carefully selected from pure and premium raw materials, these pigments are blended to create a symphony of captivating hues. IVONNE's proprietary dispersion technique ensures consistent and precise mixing, guaranteeing excellent tinting strength and chromatic stability.

Safety and quality are paramount in IVONNE's manufacturing process. Each ingredient undergoes rigorous bacteriological controls, ensuring the purity and integrity of the raw materials. The pigments are manufactured and packaged in a controlled atmosphere, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and sterility. The gamma radiation sterilization method, an industry-validated process, ensures that the pigments are free from harmful bacteria and meet the highest safety standards.

IVONNE pigments are characterized by their superior performance and skin compatibility. The formulation is tailored to match the skin's pH, eliminating the need for preservatives. With traceability by batch number, IVONNE ensures complete transparency and accountability throughout the production process. The pigments exhibit exceptional reproducibility of colour, maintaining their vibrant shades over time.

"We have embarked on this remarkable journey to redefine the landscape of permanent makeup," says Ivonne Sanchez, the founder of IVONNE. "Our pigments are a testament to our commitment to excellence, safety, and inclusivity. With our Canadian-focused formulations, we aim to celebrate the diverse beauty that defines our remarkable community of clients."

IVONNE pigments are exclusively available through their clinic and licensed IVONNE providers, guaranteeing an exclusive and exceptional experience for clients. By partnering with European laboratory authorities and adhering to Canadian regulations, IVONNE ensures that their pigments surpass industry standards and deliver unparalleled quality.

As the faces of Canadians evolve, so will IVONNE's formulations. They remain dedicated to ongoing communication with their lab partners, continually improving and adapting their pigments to cater to the unique needs and changing demographics of the Canadian population.

For more information about IVONNE pigments and their innovative approach to permanent makeup, please visit or contact Ivonne Sanchez.

Ivonne Sanchez
Phone: (613) 695-6662

IVONNE, Inc. is a locally owned boutique cosmetic clinic focused on the research, development, and implementation of effective skincare, permanent makeup, and laser treatments. Founded in 2017 IVONNE focuses on providing clinical treatments using only the most advanced products and technologies. IVONNE is one of the first technology-based, end-to-end permanent makeup and skincare clinics with a focus on skin health, pigmentation, and laser removal processes. IVONNE's delivery of services is focused on a curated collection of treatments and products, through its close partnerships with regulatory experts, medical suppliers, and cosmetic manufacturers. IVONNE has built what it believes to be the next generation in cosmetic services, encompassing state-of-the-art technology and use of medical-grade skincare formulations.