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Permanent Makeup pigment protection for your peace of mind.

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For your peace of mind

InkSure™ provides you with laser tattoo removal options in the event of:

Undeclared, Restricted or Prohibited Ingredients

In the event of a product recall you'll be eligible for up to 5 sessions of laser tattoo towards the removal of unsafe pigment.

Chronic Intolerance

In the unlikely event that you experience chronic intolerance within 3 years of your treatment we'll remove it for free.*

Unforeseen Medical Condition

If you develop a new medical condition that requires that your Permanent Makeup be removed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is InkSure™?

InkSure™ is an exclusive coverage program offered only at IVONNE that guarantees the declaration and safety of the ingredients in the pigments that we use in the implementation of our permanent makeup treatments. This coverage provides peace of mind about removing ink from your body, not only or unsafe pigments, but also in case of chronic intolerance, or medical conditions requiring urgent removal.

Why do I need InkSure™?

IVONNE carefully selects its permanent makeup pigments from qualified suppliers. Cosmetics such as permanent makeup pigments are vulnerable to diversion, counterfeit, and even tampering. InkSure™ coverage ensures that our clients are protected from harmful or undisclosed ingredients that are not compliant with Canadian regulations, or from unforeseen reactions or medical conditions requiring emergency removal. 

How much does InkSure™ cost?

For more information on which treatments include InkSure™ or how to purchase InkSure™ coverage speak with your provider.

How do I enrol in InkSure™ by IVONNE coverage?

By checking the InkSure“Add-On” to your appointment during the scheduling process you’ll be protected from the Coverage Effect date. The Coverage Effective date is the date that you complete and pay for your Permanent Makeup treatment at IVONNE. By checking the “InkSure™” add-on, you agree to have read and understood the Terms and Conditions.

Is InkSure™ refundable?

For clients who purchase InkSure™ coverage you can, within 48 hours of purchasing your coverage, (before receiving your treatment) terminate your coverage, and convert the value into credit towards the purchase of new treatments at IVONNE. Any monies paid are otherwise non-refundable, in accordance with our Refund Policies. To learn more about converting your InkSure™ coverage into credit please contact us.

How long does InkSure™ protect me for?

3 years from the Coverage Effective date (usually your last regular priced Permanent Makeup Appointment completed at IVONNE.)

Can I transfer my InkSure™ coverage?

No, InkSure™ protection is not transferrable to any other person, or any other treatment than it was originally purchased for.

What if I have pre-existing Permanent Makeup?

A1: If you have pre-existing permanent makeup from another provider you are not eligible for InkSure coverage.

A2: If you have pre-existing permanent makeup that originated from IVONNE, you will be eligible to include InkSure™ coverage beginning at your next appointment, if you add it to your treatment. Simply upgrade to InkSure™ using the add-on options in your appointment.

What treatments are eligible for free laser tattoo removal protection under InkSure™?

New Eyebrow Tattoo including "Microblading" or "nano brow" treatment received at IVONNE after April 2, 2023; or

New freckle tattoo treatment received at IVONNE after April 2, 2023; or

New lip contour tattoo treatment received at IVONNE after April 2, 2023.

What treatments are not eligible for free laser tattoo removal protection under InkSure™?
  • Pre-existing permanent makeup received from other providers.
  • Any permanent makeup where you have not purchased InkSure™ protection for.
  • Eyeliner tattoo and lip blush.
  • Any permanent makeup implemented outside of the IVONNE clinic since your original appointment including touch-ups, colour boosts, or new permanent makeup.
  • Camouflage tattoo. 
  • Any unpaid or refunded treatments.
  • Clients who are not in compliance with our Terms and Conditions and/or Policies.
I have had permanent makeup from IVONNE at some point since 2017. Do I qualify for InkSure™ ?

Only those clients who schedule and complete a new Permanent Makeup treatment AND select InkSure™ coverage are eligible to purchase this protection.

If I purchase InkSure™ coverage for one type of Permanent Makeup does it cover me for other treatments, too?

No. Your InkSure™ protection only covers you for the treatment that you add it to at the time of scheduling.

What can I do if I am not a client of IVONNE but am concerned about permanent makeup pigments received from another provider?

If you have received permanent makeup elsewhere and are now experiencing symptoms of chronic intolerance, or other medical condition, or you have concerns about the ingredients used in your permanent makeup then you may want to consider removal. Please contact us today to discuss your options. Please speak with your doctor about any medical related concerns.

I’m not an IVONNE client. Can I still subscribe to InkSure™ if I received permanent makeup from another provider?

InkSure™ is offered exclusively by IVONNE and cannot be found at any other provider.

How would I know if my permanent makeup pigments are impacted by a safety issue or recall?

IVONNE has agreements with its suppliers and manufacturers such that it can be contacted in case of safety issues.

For select pigments, IVONNE has its products registered with Health Canada directly. Should IVONNE be notified of a consumer level recall citing specific batches that involve the client we will be in contact with you through the information that we have on file

Please be sure to remain subscribed to our communication, and update your contact details with our office each year (or upon any changes).

Which recall types are eligible for removal under InkSure™ Pigment Protection?

Those consumer-level recalls instructed by Health Canada would be eligible. Any other such recalls are at the sole discretion and option of IVONNE, Inc.

What if I am eligible to receive removal under the InkSure™ policy but I don’t want laser removal?

If you are eligible to receive laser tattoo removal under the policy, then InkSure™ allows you to receive laser removal treatments only. The coverage is non-transferrable and cannot otherwise be substituted, or credited.

How do I download a copy of my InkSure™ coverage policy?

A copy of your policy can be downloaded using the link from your original appointment confirmation email.

I completed training from IVONNE in an academy program. Are my clients eligible for InkSure™?

No, InkSure™ is reserved only for partner clinics with active licensing agreements. If you are not sure whether you have an active license agreement please contact us.

My cosmetic clinic offers IVONNE® Permanent Makeup treatments. Can my clients benefit from InkSure™ ?

Licensees may be eligible to enrol in the InkSure™ program. Speak with your Clinic Success Manager today to learn more.

What Countries Is “InkSure™” Available In?

InkSure™ at IVONE is only available in Canada.

Does InkSure™ guarantee the performance or longevity (retention) of my pigment?

No, InkSure™ does protect or guarantee how long your pigment will last, or your personal satisfaction. 

Terms and Conditions Apply. Speak with your provider before purchasing or scheduling a Permanent Makeup Eyebrow appointment to learn more about the InkSure program.