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Is There Any Value in Using Crystals in Skincare Treatments?

Gorgeous silvery white neodymium from the Sierra Blanca mountains.

Dramatic blue-greens of alexandrite of east Africa and New Mexico.

Stunning blue sapphires of Tanzania.

The crystals used in the heads of our newest laser technology will help restore your youthful, natural appearance, and maybe you’ll tune into the energy. 

jungle of seychelles islandThere are obvious physical benefits to using crystals in medical laser equipment passing light through controlled mediums to inspire controlled cosmetic changes. But for the spiritually inclined, is there more to consider when receiving a laser treatment — can you energetically align your way to better skin? 

Crystals may alter our mood or promote inner peace even via placebo and potentially rejuvenate our skin. What might hyper-luxury crystals bring to the table in laser skincare? 

Crystals of both lab-grown origin and rare earth metals are backed by decades of clinical science and medical research. Crystals are also widely considered a tool in energy healing and experiences.

Some precious stones are also used as go-to materials for face massage tools and crafted from rose quartz and even jade, with amethyst face rollers growing in popularity.

By incorporating crystals into your skincare routine, you can be more mindful of your self-care and skincare rituals, your intent, and your self-care. Not only do laser skincare treatments and laser tattoo removal work, but they also move you a little closer to spiritual alignment each time you use them.

Are Lab Grown Crystals More Or Less Effective Than Naturally Occurring Crystals?

Side view of serious researchers looking at computer screen in the laboratory

It can take millions of years for crystals to occur in nature organically. But using formulations and the right conditions in a laboratory, scientists can achieve a purer form of crystals unpolluted by outside forces and in a much shorter time.

Some cosmetic chemists believe that the greatest value of any crystal, like rose quartz, is its distinct energy properties. Each stone vibrates at its own frequency, radiating energy that in turn, corresponds to and realigns our different energy centres (chakras).

While no current studies directly link crystals to healthier skin, there are still potential "rejuvenating benefits" of skin care using crystals. Crystals may help to boost circulation in the skin, brightening the complexion and leaving skin looking radiant. However, it's likely that you can credit the act of breaking down pigment, or triggering the creation of new collagen and elastin (rather than just the inclusion of the crystals) for that radiance.

At IVONNE we hope our brand is a combination of both self-care mixed with good intentions that help keep you grounded. IVONNE is a science and evidence-based skincare clinic, and so we’ll leave it to the reader to decide for themselves whether rare-earth metals and crystals are helpful as a wellness aid or if any perceived metaphysical benefits are just clever marketing and confirmation bias.

For our jewelry friends and clients, the next time you find yourself showcasing your most exclusive sapphires and alexandrites you may find yourself reflecting on the power of these crystals in your own skincare laser treatments.

“Have you ever had a laser skincare treatment, or laser tattoo removal? Some of these same crystals are used” in those treatments.