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All About Nano Brow Treatment

We are really excited about Nano Brows, which is a speciality technique in permanent makeup that results in a 3-dimensional natural-looking brows. This increasingly sought after brow service has really evolved and is now one of the most effective ways at restoring your natural brow shape.

Nano Brow Procedure shown in Ottawa at IVONNE

How long do Nano Brows last?

The results of nano-needling can last up to three years and which is much longer than the effects of microblading procedure, which only last between 12 and 18 months.  

What is the difference between Microblading and Nanoblading?



The main difference between MICROBLADING and NANOBLADING is the tool and the approach. Microblading is performed with a hand-held 12 point u-blade and pigment is deposited into small trenches within the skin. Whereas Nano blading uses a single point needle cartridge to deposit fine, precise amounts of pigment into the skin like a printer.

Take a look at the Google Trends chart below on the popularity of Ombre brow in the last 5 years!

Can microblading or nanoblading cause scarring in your skin?

The short answer to this question is that if microblading is done correctly it should not leave you with scars. The objective with microblading is shallow strokes, which are less likely to leave scar tissue as this approach is much less traumatic. If Microblading is not performed correctly, and the blade is pressed too deep, then this will lead to scarring

The main reason why microblading does not last as long is because (if done properly) the pigment is deposited at shallower depths. These outermost layers of your skin are most susceptible to cellular turnover.

Nano blading is not nearly as traumatic to the skin as microblading can be. Due to the rapid and very precise nature of the tool, pigment is not trenched into the skin but instead placed beneath the skin with fine needles. This results in less inflammation, and almost no scarring at all.

It was widely understood that repeated microblading, especially if performed incorrectly, has its limits and can only be done to a certain point before pigment will no longer retain due to scar tissue that has occurred over time. However, the nano brow procedure is not only less traumatic, it can be a very good solution for someone who has more scar tissue as a result of poor microblading.

What is Nano shading?

Nano shading is a machine process that focuses on an ombre or powdered look instead of a natural hair-like stroke. Using the same digital device an artist can achieve a beautiful done-up evening look. This approach is a shaded look and differs from the natural crisp daytime look of regular nano or microblading.

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Aftercare and how soon can I wash my face after microblading or nano brows?

The best way to protect those brows is to keep them dry and apply only the ointment provided by your technician. Avoid getting the area wet or sweaty for up to 10 days which means keeping your face as dry as possible even in the shower. Avoid wearing makeup for 7 days and don’t pick at, pull, or rub the treated area.  Remember to stay out of direct sunlight!

Is nano blading better than microblading?

One service is not better than the other per se, but clients will find that they often have a preference of nano blading over microblading when given the choice. As nano blading lasts longer, is less traumatic and because there are more options with nano blading this service is quickly becoming of greater interest to permanent makeup clients.

How much does microblading and nano blading cost?

Microblading ranges from $350-$1,000 depending on the skill of the artist and whether touch-ups are included. Nano can start at $700 and usually does not include touch-up. The cost of your service depends on the location, quality of pigments, tools and experience.

Can microblading or nano blading be removed?

It is always best to perform removal after the initial brows have healed using non-laser methods. If the colour is too dar or too deep then there are lightening options available.  In many cases it is possible and preferable to go over the treated area with high quality pigments using a nano blading process to correct any unwanted work.

How long does it take microblading or nano blading to heal?

30 days is the length of time that you can expect to wait for your brows to have completely healed.

Among permanent makeup brows are one of our most popular and exciting services due to their amazing transformational impact on the face.

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