Parking at IVONNE

Explore your parking options at Place de Ville


Updated: June 16, 2022

Shown in red arrows are the four entrances to Place de Ville.
The yellow balloon shows the location of IVONNE.

P1 Entrance

Parking Garage Map P1 Albert Entrance

Upon entering the parking garage at the entrance of your choosing, monthly pass-holders will be asked to swipe their card on the grey box. Don't worry - if you're not a pass-holder you can push the blue button and take a ticket. Doing so will activate the gate to lift. The ticket dispensers are shown on the map using dollar signs ("$"). Once entered you can follow the arrows to locate parking. It is recommended to park in "Blue", since this is the closest to the clinic, directly above.

P1 Exit


You can exit the parking garage via any exit you choose.  Blue and Red sections will exit onto Albert Street and Queen Street; Purple, Green and Orange will exit onto Queen Street or Lyon Street. If you are a monthly pass-holder simply swipe your card against the grey box and wait for the gate to lift. For clients paying with cash or credit insert your ticket stub into the machine, and follow the instructions. If at any time you require assistance there are security personnel and/or parking attendants standing by 24 hours a day, accessible by the button on the payment console.

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Parking Side View at Place de Ville

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