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PicoWay Resolve® Treatments

A revolution in skin rejuvenation*

Remove Boldly. Treat Lightly.

IVONNE™ is an authorized provider of PicoWay Resolve® skin rejuvenation treatments. The PicoWay Resolve® skin rejuvenation is for the treatment of acne scarring, dark spots, and wrinkles.

Clinically proven to improve skin appearance.

Acne Scars

Tattoo Removal Treatment Before 1 of 3
Tattoo Removal Treatment Treatment 2 of 3
Tattoo Removal Treatment After Treatment 3

Courtesy of E. Bernstein, MD, USA
All photos are unretouched. Individual results may vary.

Multicoloured tattoo after 4 treatments3

Tattoo Removal Treatment Before
Tattoo Removal Treatment After 4 Treatments

Courtesy of T. Howell, MD, USA
All photos are unretouched. Individual results may vary.


The way to tattoo removal

  • Targets and shatters tattoo ink under the skin

  • Clears a wide range of tattoo ink colours, including black, brown, blue, green, purple, red, yellow, and orange1,7

  • Well-tolerated treatment with mild, temporary side effects1,2,7

PicoWay® laser treatments remove unwanted tattoos

More people are seeking tattoo removal4

More than 40 million Americans have tattoos, and 40% of adults (aged 26 to 40 years) have at least 1 tattoo.5 If you are one of the many who no longer want your tattoo, PicoWay® laser treatments can help you remove the unwanted ink!

The PicoWay® system is intentionally designed to remove tattoo ink

  • Advanced laser technology successfully clears tattoo ink without breaking the skin surface5,6

  • Unlike some other types of lasers, the targeted PicoWay® laser system may6

    • Require fewer sessions and less time for complete tattoo removal

    • Remove certain colours better, even difficult to remove blue and green inks

PicoWay® lasers work from the inside out

PicoWay Laser Steps

Tattoo removal that works

PicoWay Success Graphic 1

In one study, 86% of patients showed at least 50% clearance of their tattoos after 3 treatments1

PicoWay Success Graphic 2

In a different study, 83% of blue/green tattoos had at least 50% clearance after 2 treatments8

What you can expect

Your provider will discuss when and how often you should receive treatments. In most cases, they are spaced about 6 to 16 weeks apart.7

Low to no downtime4,5

When you come in for a PicoWay® laser treatment, a topical anesthetic cream may be given to enhance comfort, but you may opt out of this step.5 In clinical studies, the majority of patients reported mild to no discomfort.1 The most common immediate side effects included mild redness and swelling.1,2,7

Be sure to follow all pre and post care instructions.

For more information about the benefits and possible side effects,
schedule a consultation at IVONNE.

a Using PicoWay® 1064 nm wavelength.

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