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Winter Weather Policy for Client Appointments


To ensure the safety and convenience of our clients and staff during winter weather conditions, we have established the following policy for client appointments. Please note that our employees are regular salaried T4 employees. We do not send employees home or shorten/cut shifts when clients do not show up. By complying with our policies you are working with us to ensure that our employees are fully supported.

Simplified Policy:

  • Safety first
  • Clients living or travelling from outside of Ottawa proper are advised to schedule their appointments between March 31 and November 1.
  • Changes or cancellations of appointments due to weather are subject to a 72-hour notice. Please monitor weather forecasts closely.
  • Clients residing outside of Ottawa proper will incur penalty fees for all weather-related changes made within 72 hours of their appointment.
  • For clients within Ottawa proper, we'll charge and hold 100% of your appointment fees on file if you need to cancel or change due to unforecasted weather conditions.
  • Please note that no-call/no-shows will still result in a 100% penalty fee for all clients regardless of location.

Elaborated Policy:

Weather Forecast:

Clients who reside both inside and outside of Ottawa proper should monitor the weather forecast leading up to their scheduled appointment. If a weather forecast predicts inclement weather conditions (e.g., snowstorm, ice storm, extreme cold) that may affect your transportation, clients are expected to take proactive measures including rescheduling in advance, or making accommodations to ensure safe travel.


Ottawa Proper - For the purpose of this policy "Ottawa Proper" is defined as the following postal code areas and simplified in the map below. The map will later be updated to identify high-risk/low-risk travel areas for the Outouais region :

K1A (Parliament Hill and surrounding government buildings)
K1P (Downtown Ottawa)
K1R (Downtown Ottawa)
K1S (The Glebe)
K1Y (Hintonburg)
K1Z (Westboro)
K2P (Centretown)
K4A (Orléans)
K4B (Cumberland)
K4C (Rockland)
K4K (Kanata)


Unforecasted/Incorrect Forecasted Weather Event: - For the purpose of this policy an Unforecasted or Incorrectly Forecasted weather event is a weather event resulting in road conditions that make it impossible to travel safely, and which could not reasonably be expected within the 72 hours leading up to your scheduled appointment.

Winter Season - For the purpose of this policy the Winter Season is defined as the date period commencing November 1 at 12:01 am and ending March 31 at 11:59 pm of each calendar year.

72-Hour Notice:

Clients are required to make a decision regarding their appointment at least 72 hours before their scheduled appointment time. If there is a forecast of adverse weather conditions beyond this 72-hour window, clients are expected to cancel or reschedule their appointment to a more suitable time.

Policy Duration:

This winter weather policy is in effect from November 1st to March 31st each year. Clients should adhere to the policy during this period to ensure their safety and the smooth operation of our services.

Clinic Operational Status:

Please note that our clinic remains open at all times, even during inclement weather conditions. All appointments will proceed as scheduled. IVONNE will not provide notice of its open status for every snow event. 


Clients who choose to schedule and keep their appointment during the winter season are expected to make every effort to arrive on time, despite weather conditions. Our staff will do their best to accommodate rescheduled appointments, but we cannot guarantee immediate availability, especially during peak appointment times. Please be sure to plan ahead, and to leave plenty of time for any eventualities.


Clients should maintain open communication with our office regarding their decision to attend or reschedule their appointment. We appreciate timely updates to help us manage our schedule effectively.

IVONNE, Inc. will not proactively confirm your appointment for every weather event that raises the question as to whether or not your appointment will proceed as scheduled. While we endeavour to respond to all client inquiries within one business day you should not wait to hear back from us to reconfirm your appointment for every inclement weather event.

No Penalty:

Clients who decide to cancel or reschedule their appointment due to forecasted adverse weather conditions proactively before the 72-hour notice period will not face any penalties or additional charges. We understand that safety comes first. 

For unforecasted or incorrectly forecasted weather conditions making travel impossible within the 72-hour window clients will not be responsible for penalties provided that they contact the clinic prior to their appointment start time.

Penalties and Fees:

Clients Inside Ottawa Proper
Clients are expected to adhere to the standard 72-hour rescheduling/cancellation policy. The exception to this rule is where an unforecasted, or incorrectly forecasted weather event makes travel impossible you will not be responsible for any cancellation or rescheduling penalties. In this case the charges incurred at the conclusion of your appointment end time will be held on file for your future treatment.

Clients Outside of Ottawa Proper
We highly advise clients residing outside of Ottawa proper and vulnerable to adverse weather conditions to consider scheduling their treatments outside the period from November to March for Spring, Summer and early Fall only. Otherwise, those clients who schedule and keep appointments within the November to March window are responsible for arranging accommodation and transportation to ensure punctual arrival for their appointment. Any appointment adjustments, including cancellations made within a 72-hour window due to either forecasted or unforeseen weather conditions, will incur a charge equivalent to the full appointment value at the originally scheduled time. IVONNE reserves the right decide whether these funds can be carried forward to a future appointment.

Clients who misuse or abuse the Winter Weather Policy or do not plan ahead may be restricted from scheduling treatments at the clinic.


In the event of significant weather-related disruptions, our office may also proactively reach out to clients to discuss potential rescheduling options. We will do so by broadcast email, SMS, voicemail alert, and or by individual telephone call.

Accommodation Options:

Clients travelling from outside of Ottawa proper for their scheduled appointment are encouraged to book hotel accommodations at one of the nearby locations connected to IVONNE in Place de Ville:

Delta Hotels by Marriott Ottawa City Centre

Address: 101 Lyon St. N, Ottawa, ON K1R 5T9
Phone: (613) 237-3600


Ottawa Marriott Hotel

Address: 100 Kent St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5R7
Phone: (613) 238-1122



Our winter weather policy is designed to prioritize the safety and convenience of our clients while ensuring the continuity of our services. Please be aware that our clinic remains open at all times, even during inclement weather conditions, and all appointments will proceed as scheduled. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in adhering to this policy during the winter months, from November 1st to March 31st.

Where a forecasted winter event occurs outside of the Winter Season, and where the public has reasonable advance knowledge IVONNE reserves the right to apply this policy.

Clients residing outside of Ottawa proper are encouraged to take additional safety measures and acknowledge full responsibility for the associated risks when scheduling appointments during the winter season, from November 1st to March 31st. Clients travelling from outside of Ottawa proper are encouraged to plan accommodations and transportation well in advance of their appointment to ensure their safety and timeliness. 

Clients who move or have travelled outside of Ottawa proper since scheduling their  their appointment are expected to adhere to our policy.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy. We look forward to serving you with the utmost care and professionalism.

Contact Information About This Policy:

For more information about this policy, you may contact IVONNE, Inc. using the information below:


Regular Mail
0116-320 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON K1R 5A3

By Phone
(613) 695-6662 or using the direct line to reception found in your appointment confirmation emails.

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