Search Engine and Indexer Policy

1. Introduction

This Search Engine Policy ("Policy") delineates the terms under which search engines may access, index, and display content from IVONNE, Inc.'s ("IVONNE") primary website, located at This Policy also extends to all variations of the "" domain, encompassing both secure (HTTPS) and non-secure (HTTP) sites, as well as any related subdomains, pages, or subpages. By accessing or indexing content from any part of our website, search engines hereby agree to strictly adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in this Policy.

2. Acceptance of Terms

By continuing to index our website, supply our content in search results, or disseminate our content across your network or platforms, you hereby acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy. Failure to comply with these terms may result in actions deemed appropriate by IVONNE, Inc., including, but not limited to, legal proceedings or blocking access to our website.

3. No Waiver

Knowledge or awareness of any breach of the terms set out in this Policy by any search engine, indexer, or platform does not constitute a waiver of IVONNE, Inc.'s rights pertaining to such a breach. The failure of IVONNE, Inc. to enforce any right or provision in this Policy shall not be deemed a waiver of such right or provision in any past or future instances.

4. Handling of Metadata and Configuration Files e.g. Robots.txt

All search engines must adhere to the directives provided in our confguration files. Any non-compliance with these directives is a breach of this Policy.

Search engines must respect and handle with care specific metadata and configuration files present on our website, such as .htaccess, .robots.txt, and other similar files. These files play vital roles in the structure, security, and functionality of our website:

a) Access Restrictions: Search engines should not attempt to bypass or ignore any access restrictions specified in these files. This includes directives in .htaccess that might restrict access to certain directories or files.

b) Indexing Directives: Directives specified in .robots.txt regarding which parts of the site to index or not index must be strictly adhered to. Any indexing done in violation of these directives is a breach of this Policy.

c) No Public Display: Under no circumstances should search engines display, cache, or make public any part of these metadata or configuration files. They are intended for server and search engine directives, not for public viewing.

5. No Misrepresentation

Search engines shall not misrepresent or alter the content from our website in any way that could mislead users or present the content in a manner not intended by IVONNE.

6. Proper Attribution

When displaying content from our website, search engines must clearly attribute the content to IVONNE and provide a direct link to the source page on our website.

7. No Caching of Sensitive Information

Search engines must not cache or store any sensitive or private information from our website, including but not limited to, personal user data, financial information, or any other confidential information without the express consent of IVONNE or its users(s).

8. Fair Ranking

Search engines should ensure that the ranking of our website's content is done fairly and without discrimination, bias, or any practice that may harm the reputation or visibility of IVONNE.

9. Data Usage

Any data collected by search engines from our website, including user behavior and interactions, should be used in a manner that respects user privacy and complies with relevant Canadian privacy laws.

10. Geographic Limitations and Legal Jurisdiction

IVONNE, Inc.'s website, denoted by its ".ca" domain extension, is explicitly designed and tailored for a Canadian audience. The products, treatments, technologies, and methods by which we collect, process, and manage data are governed foremost by Canadian law. While the site may be accessible globally due to the inherent nature of the internet, the content, services, and information are predominantly relevant to Canadian residents. As such, our practices, offers, and data handling are in strict accordance with Canadian regulations and standards.

We hereby emphasize that accessing our website or services from locations outside of Canada is done at the search engine, indexer, and user's own risk. IVONNE, Inc. cannot and will not bear any liabilities, repercussions, or responsibilities for any discrepancies, misunderstandings, or conflicts arising from extra-Canadian access, especially where the local laws or regulations might differ from those of Canada.

10 (a) Non-Liability for Search Engine Conflicts with Regional Laws

IVONNE, Inc. disclaims any responsibility or liability for search engines or indexers that may operate in conflict with, in contravention to, or in adherence to any country or region's laws, regulations, or guidelines. Search engines and indexers are solely responsible for ensuring their own compliance with regional and international laws. Any conflicts, penalties, sanctions, or negative repercussions faced by a search engine or indexer due to their operations in a specific region or in relation to IVONNE, Inc.'s website are entirely the responsibility of said search engine or indexer. IVONNE, Inc. will not be held accountable or liable for such conflicts or their outcomes.

11. Search Relevance and User Intent

It is the inherent responsibility of search engines and indexers to deliver content in search results that align with the user's current phase and intent in their search journey. IVONNE, Inc. designs and structures its website content to cater to various stages of the user's search and decision-making process. However, we accept no liability or responsibility for the actions of search engines or indexers that may present late-phase content to users who are in the early stages of searching, or vice versa. Search engines and indexers must ensure that their algorithms and processes accurately interpret and match our content with the relevant user intent, and any discrepancies or mismatches are solely the responsibility of the search engine or indexer.

12. Advertising Initiatives and Policy Compliance

Search engines and indexers often offer advertising solutions and initiatives aimed at enhancing online visibility and engagement. If any policies or terms associated with our website disqualify IVONNE, Inc. from participating in or benefiting from such advertising solutions, search engines and indexers must not approach or attempt to sell us these advertising solutions. Furthermore, search engines and indexers agree to refrain from recommending or selling us advertising solutions that contravene their own policies or those where their policies inherently prevent IVONNE, Inc. from realizing tangible benefits. It is the responsibility of the search engine or indexer to ensure that any advertising solution proposed is in alignment with all relevant policies and genuinely serves the interests of IVONNE, Inc.

13. Use of Analytics and Monitoring Tools

IVONNE, Inc. employs services such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics to monitor, analyze, and optimize our website's performance and user experience. However, our utilization of these tools and any data derived from them does not imply a waiver or surrender of any rights as outlined in this Policy or any other rights we possess. Furthermore, we reserve the right to utilize any publicly available services or tools provided by search engines or indexers to understand and analyze how they collect, disseminate, or interact with information related to our business. Our engagement with these tools is aligned with our continuous commitment to understanding our digital presence and ensuring the privacy and integrity of our data. 

14. Intellectual Property Rights

All content, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, images, videos, digital downloads, data compilations, and software present on IVONNE, Inc.'s website, is the exclusive property of IVONNE, Inc. or its content suppliers. This content is safeguarded by Canadian and international copyright laws. Unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, or modification of this content, including the act of "hotlinking" or directly linking to our content from another website without express written permission from IVONNE, Inc., is strictly prohibited.

Search engines and indexers must ensure that they do not serve pages from third-party sites that unlawfully embed or hotlink to our content, be it text, images, or video. Any attempt to do so will be viewed as a direct violation of our intellectual property rights. In cases where such unauthorized use is detected, IVONNE, Inc. reserves the right to take necessary action, but the burden of addressing such violations should not fall upon IVONNE, Inc. through mechanisms like the DMCA or its international equivalents. Instead, search engines and indexers are expected to proactively police and prevent such behaviors.

By accessing or indexing our website, search engines acknowledge the sanctity of these intellectual property rights. Any search engine or platform that disseminates or displays our content assumes full responsibility for ensuring it respects these rights, and any breach will be treated with the utmost seriousness.

14 (a) Trademark Acknowledgment and Responsibilities

Search engines and indexers expressly acknowledge that IVONNE, Inc. is the registered owner of the following Canadian trademarks:

IVONNE.CA (Trademark Application No. 2135974, Registration No. TMA1149497) registered in Canada on 2022-11-02.

IVONNE (Trademark Application No. 2065711, Registration No. TMA1149268) registered in Canada on 2022-11-02.

These trademarks pertain, but are not limited, to services as delineated in the Nice Class 44, which includes:

(1) Aesthetician services; air brush tanning salon services; beautician services; beauty salon services; beauty salons; body waxing services for hair removal in humans; body waxing services for the human body; consultancy in the field of cosmetics; cosmetic analysis services for determining the most appropriate cosmetics to be used with a person's face shape and skin tone; cosmetic and colour analysis; cosmetic body care services; cosmetic body care services provided by health spas; cosmetic body treatment services; cosmetic facial and body treatment services; cosmetic tattooing services; cosmetic treatment services for the body; eyebrow tattooing services; eyebrow tinting services; eyelash curling services; eyelash dyeing services; eyelash extension services; eyelash perming services; eyelash tinting services; facial treatment services; hair salon services; hair tinting services; manicure and pedicure services; manicure services; manicuring; massage; massage services; micropigmentation services; nail care services; nail salon services; pedicure services; permanent hair removal and reduction services; permanent make-up tattooing services; permanent makeup services; personal hair removal services; providing information relating to beauty salon services; providing information relating to hairdressing and beauty salon services; skin care salon services; skin tanning service for humans for cosmetic purposes; spray tanning salon services; tanning salon services; tanning salons; tattoo parlors; tattooing; tattooing services; waxing services for the removal of hair from the human body

By accessing, indexing, or displaying content associated with IVONNE, Inc. or its associated trademarks, search engines and indexers acknowledge and respect these trademark rights. They must ensure that, especially within the Canadian jurisdiction, they do not inadvertently promote, endorse, or display any other business operating under the same or a confusingly similar name in connection with any of the aforementioned services or wares.

Failure to adhere to this acknowledgment and the responsibilities it entails may result in a breach of this Policy and can lead to IVONNE, Inc. taking appropriate legal action.

15. Access Control and Restrictions

IVONNE, Inc. reserves the absolute right to grant, restrict, or revoke access to any search engine or indexer over any page, section of a page, digital asset, link (whether internal or external), or any other component of our website, at any given time and without prior notice. Such decisions may be based on, but are not limited to, compliance with our policies, security concerns, or any other operational considerations. Search engines must respect any access restrictions or directives communicated, either directly or via metadata such as the robots.txt file.

16. Website Best Practices and Link Liability

IVONNE, Inc. is committed to adhering to website content best practices and ethical white hat Search Engine Optimization ("SEO") strategies. While we strive to ensure the integrity and quality of our online presence, we recognize that the vast nature of the internet means toxic links, backlinks, or spam links may, at times, be directed to our website. IVONNE, Inc. hereby reserves the right to accept all benefits associated with such links but expressly disclaims any and all liabilities related to them. We have no obligation to disallow, report, or address any linking content that might contravene the policies or best practices of any indexer or search engine. Such links or related activities shall not negatively impact our standing, ranking, or any other aspect of our online presence.

17. Notification of Changes

IVONNE, Inc. reserves the right to update or change this Policy at any time. Search engines are expected to review this Policy both programmatically and by its staff periodically to stay informed of any changes.

18. Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with this Policy may result in IVONNE, Inc. taking action, including but not limited to, legal action, or blocking access to our website.

19. Governing Law

This Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Canada, without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

20. Compliance with Canadian Laws

The indexer or search engine agrees to adhere strictly to all applicable Canadian laws, regulations, and guidelines related to the collection, storage, processing, and use of data pertaining to IVONNE, Inc.'s website and its visitors. IVONNE, Inc. shall bear no responsibility or liability for any unlawful collection, storage, processing, or use of data by the indexer or any third party. Any non-compliance with Canadian laws on the part of the indexer will be deemed a breach of this Policy and may result in appropriate actions deemed necessary by IVONNE, Inc.

21. Changes To This Policy

IVONNE reserves the right, but not the obligation to amend this policy from time to time, and all without notice. It is your responsibility to visit our website and to stay apprised of our policies as they may change from time to time. Due to the nature of email communication being undelivered or sent to SPAM there is no guarantee that notices will reach us.

22. Reservation of Rights and Interpretation

IVONNE, Inc. expressly reserves all rights not explicitly granted in this Policy. Furthermore, any ambiguity or uncertainty in the interpretation of the terms and conditions of this Policy shall be resolved in a manner most favorable to IVONNE, Inc. IVONNE, Inc. retains the ultimate authority to interpret and determine the meaning, intent, and implications of any provision within this Policy.

23. Contact Information

For more information about this policy, you may contact IVONNE, Inc. using the information below:


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