Fact Checking Policy

100% Accurate Headlines

We strive for 100% accurate headlines and apply a rigorous vetting process to every blog article or service page on IvonneSanchez.com. Rumors, leaks, datamines, and insider reports are identified accordingly to ensure distinction between confirmed information and unconfirmed hints that may be of interest to our readers.

Before any article is written, we ensure the information is accurate. We verify sources and always dig down to the original source (and reference material if applicable) before the writing process begins. Even if other sources report an unsubstantiated piece of information as official confirmation, we require 100% confirmation to claim that a headline is actually true. We do not post clickbait. Our headlines might be attention grabbing – but we don’t throw out broad statements just to grab your attention. Headlines must be accurate and fact-checked. Ivonne pages don’t just contain random unqualified information, they provide industry-leading context that explains why that news is important to you.

Ivonne editors report on the products, services and information that we are most interested in. We’re passionate about providing high-quality information that allow our readers to make safe, informed decisions. We write from our personal experience. Our editors have experience in both the beauty industry and legal industry. So we realize the importance of the right information not just to support a positive consumer experience, but to also minimize risk. Our goal is to provide the best and most engaging content possible for visitors to our site. 

Checking Official Sources

We stay at the cutting edge of beauty, not the bleeding edge. The difference: we ensure that the information we provide has an official source that can be referenced. We’ll never be a publisher that aims to be the first at releasing information. We always aim to rely on official comments and sources. Being the first to publish is less important than being correct.

When we are the original source, we follow basic journalism principles. We value these open lines of dialogue with major publishers and PR firms.

Thinking Bigger

When it comes to beauty, cosmetic procedures, aesthetics and products it’s all about finding safe things that work well – and for the right reasons.

Beauty is hard enough already, so it’s our goal to only talk about and curate the best information and to help make sense of the noise – not create more.

If you see something on our website or our socials that don’t quite line up with these goals and philosophy then get in touch. 

For corrections and update requests, please contact editorial@ivonnesanchez.com.