Employment Application Policy

At IVONNE, we deeply appreciate your interest in becoming a part of our esteemed team. Our brand's reputation and success have been meticulously crafted and advanced by our highly skilled employees, who are unwavering in their commitment to providing excellence in cosmetic treatments and products. Every individual who joins us plays a pivotal role in enhancing our legacy of unmatched quality and service. Whether you are applying for a position, actively candidating, or scheduling an interview, the following policy outlines our expectations and provides clarity on the application process.


To ensure a consistent, fair, and efficient application process for all prospective candidates interested in joining the IVONNE team.

Equal Opportunity Employment

IVONNE is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. We employ individuals from all backgrounds and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. This commitment is in line with the Ontario Human Rights Code, and we strive to ensure that all employment decisions are made without regard to these protected characteristics.

Governing Employment Legislation and Regulations

Employment at IVONNE is governed by a comprehensive framework of legal and regulatory standards, including but not limited to the Employment Standards Act of Ontario and the Ontario Human Rights Code. Both IVONNE and its employees are expected to adhere strictly to the rights, responsibilities, and conditions outlined in these statutes, as well as any other relevant regulations and laws. Furthermore, responsibilities and conditions during employment may also be subject to various other regulations and laws, all of which are subject to change. IVONNE is committed to staying informed about and compliant with these evolving standards and expects its employees to maintain a similar commitment to awareness and adherence.

Policy Statement

All applications for employment at IVONNE must be submitted through the official application processes available on our careers page at ivonne.ca/careers. We have established this system to ensure that every application is treated with the same level of attention and care.

Terms of Employment Agreement

By submitting an application, candidates agree that all benefits, roles, responsibilities, and job descriptions are as posted. Candidates acknowledge that they will not seek employment with the intention of later changing their roles, responsibilities, skills, or duties. Furthermore, candidates agree not to seek employment for the purpose of receiving free treatments, unauthorized training, or accessing proprietary processes or trade secrets.

Legitimacy of Work History

Candidates must provide accurate information regarding their work history. References will be required and will be thoroughly checked to verify the legitimacy of the candidate's professional background.

Eligibility to Work in Canada

All candidates must be legally qualified to work in Canada prior to submitting their application. The following are key criteria that candidates must fulfill:

Social Insurance Number: Candidates must possess a Social Insurance Number in their current legal name. (Please do not submit your Social Insurance Number as part of your application process. Social Insurance Number validation is only required upon acceptance of any offer of employment on the first day of your regularly scheduled shift).

Approvals and Certifications: All necessary approvals, certifications, or other qualifications that make you eligible as an applicant for the specific position must be in place.

Postal Address: Candidates are required to submit their current postal address, which should match the location where they currently reside. This address should also be consistent with that on their government-issued ID.

Canadian Bank Account: For the purposes of payroll, candidates are required to have a Canadian bank account in their own name, complete with bank routing information. (Please do not submit your banking information as part of your application process. Banking information is only required upon acceptance of any offer of employment on the first day of your regularly scheduled shift).

While IVONNE fully supports the opportunities available to foreign nationals through legitimate immigration processes, we have a specific stance regarding employment and immigration. Employment at IVONNE must not be sought as a means of gaining entry to Canada or as a method of extending one's stay within the country. All candidates must already be legally qualified to work in Canada prior to submitting their application, including having the appropriate approvals, certifications, and other necessary qualifications that make you eligible as an applicant. IVONNE maintains a strict policy of conducting interviews in person and on-site at our clinic.

Submission of Certifications

If a candidate's application is based on their education, training, or prior work, they must be prepared to produce official copies of any certifications that support their application. For those citing education as a basis for their application, if the education is still in progress, it cannot be used as a sole basis for the application. However, if candidates are near the completion of their educational program, they may submit a letter of endorsement from the educational institution where they are currently enrolled. This letter must confirm that the candidate is eligible for graduation and that the graduation will be completed by any potential start date.

Unannounced & Unscheduled Visits

We understand the eagerness and enthusiasm of prospective candidates in wanting to make a lasting impression. However, unannounced visits to the clinic are not consistent with our policies. IVONNE operates its clinic and conducts all business on a "by appointment only basis". Candidates may be excluded from consideration if they appear at the clinic without a prior appointment or invitation. This policy is in place to maintain the daily operations of our clinic without disruptions and to ensure the privacy and safety of our patients and staff.

Face-to-Face Interactions

At IVONNE we value and recognize the importance of in-person, face-to-face meetings. While we appreciate the initiative shown by candidates wanting to introduce themselves in person, we believe that the initial stages of the application process can be effectively managed online. For candidates who wish to make a personal impression beyond their paper or digital resume, we welcome the submission of a professional personal video introducing themselves. This video can be submitted with the application or provided via a private link. The video should be concise, and professional, and give us insight into the candidate's personality, qualifications, and passion for joining the IVONNE team.

Non-Utilization of Application Status

By applying to IVONNE, candidates agree not to use their application status, the act of applying, or any form of communication with IVONNE as leverage or reference in negotiations with other employers. This includes, but is not limited to, statements or insinuations such as "I have applied at IVONNE", "They are reviewing my application", or "They are considering hiring me". Such use can be misleading and is not in line with our professional expectations and standards.

Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements

Employees of IVONNE, as part of their employment agreement, may be required to enter into non-disclosure and non-compete agreements. The non-disclosure agreement is intended to protect the proprietary information, trade secrets, and confidential processes of IVONNE. The non-compete agreement may place restrictions on an employee's ability to work in similar local businesses or to operate their own business in the same field for a specified duration and within a specified geographical range. By applying to IVONNE, candidates acknowledge and understand these potential limitations in advance.

Training and Skill Expectations

IVONNE prides itself on maintaining a high standard of service and expertise. While IVONNE has its own internal training program, both independently and in collaboration with its partners, candidates, and new employees are primarily expected to possess the requisite skills necessary to perform their job duties from day one.

It is essential for candidates to understand that applying to IVONNE in the hopes of receiving free on-the-job training alone is not aligned with our hiring expectations.

While employees may be eligible for professional development and clinic skill training, such training is tailored to the needs of the business and determined by the business's discretion. Furthermore, IVONNE is under no obligation to offer any training, including the transfer of proprietary knowledge, outside of the specific skills for which the candidate is applying.

Reimbursement of Training Costs

In accordance with our internal policies, employees who receive specialized skill training while employed at IVONNE may be required to reimburse the employer the full cost of this training if they leave the employment within 1 year of receiving the training for a lateral or self-employed role.

Commitment to Position

Applicants agree to only apply for positions they are confident in supporting for its full duration, which includes meeting the hours, skills, and responsibilities as published. It is expected that applicants will not submit an application for a position they know they may not be able to commit to for a minimum of 2 years, considering all the published requirements of the role.

For instance:

  • An applicant should not apply with the expectation of being trained in permanent makeup procedures, as this skill set is exclusively reserved and requires specific training and qualifications.
  • If applying for a receptionist role, one should not have the expectation of transitioning to a marketing or managerial position within the same timeframe. The roles and responsibilities for each position are distinct and are to be adhered to as specified.

Non-Compete Agreement and Eligibility

By applying for a position at IVONNE, applicants agree to the following non-compete provisions:

  1. While employed by IVONNE, the employee will not purchase, lease, or otherwise obtain the same or similar equipment used by IVONNE for the purpose of offering competing services.

  2. The employee will not undergo or receive training, whether formal or informal, in procedures or treatments that directly compete with the services provided by IVONNE during their employment.

  3. The employee confirms that they are not currently engaging in any activities, whether from home or elsewhere, that would directly compete with the services offered by IVONNE, and will not do so for the duration of their employment.

Violation of these provisions may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, or being made ineligible as an applicant or employment, and may also lead to legal action to protect the interests of IVONNE.

Method of Application (Applying) For Employment

Applicants interested in joining IVONNE must adhere to our specified application process to ensure their application is received and processed appropriately. The primary and recommended method of application submission is through our online application form located at ivonne.ca/careers.

Email Applications: While we understand the convenience of email, submitting your application solely via email is not recommended. Applications sent through email are subject to the terms of our communication policy and bear the risk of being caught in our SPAM filter, quarantined, or rejected entirely at our mail gateway.

Alternative Methods: Submitting applications by dropping them off at our reception, through mail, or any other method outside of our online application form alone is strongly discouraged. Applications only received through these alternative methods may not be processed according to our standard practices, leading to potential delays or omissions in the review process.

Mandatory Online Submission: To ensure the consistency, efficiency, and security of our application process, it is mandatory for all applicants to submit their applications through the designated application form on our website. Failure to do so may result in the application being deemed ineligible for consideration.

By adhering to these guidelines, applicants can be assured that their applications will be received and evaluated in a timely and consistent manner.

Application Maintenance and Candidating Process

At IVONNE, we respect your interest in joining our team and have established a structured candidating process to ensure fairness, transparency, and efficiency in our hiring practices.

Maintenance Duration:

All applications submitted to IVONNE are maintained on file for a period of six months from the date of submission. After this period, applications may be purged from our system unless otherwise specified or relevant for ongoing or future opportunities.

Communication Policy:

We receive a significant number of applications and, while we appreciate every applicant's interest, we will only contact those individuals who are deemed eligible to move to the subsequent phase of the candidating process.

Confirmation Of Authenticity:

Any electronic confirmation or communication is provided for your convenience. IVONNE maintains an official record of all electronic correspondences. We uphold our official records and will not recognize any modifications made to any confirmation or communication after its original issuance.

Candidating Process:

Our structured candidating process is as follows:

  1. Application Received: Your application is logged into our system upon submission.
  2. Application Reviewed: Our HR team reviews the details and qualifications provided in your application.
  3. Preliminary Determination: A decision is made regarding the applicant's initial eligibility for the role.
  4. Invitation for Initial Interview: Eligible candidates are contacted for the first round of interviews.
  5. Determination for Secondary Interview: Based on the outcomes of the initial interview, a determination is made regarding the candidate's eligibility for a second interview.
  6. Invitation for Secondary Interview: Candidates who successfully pass the initial interview phase are invited for a second, more in-depth interview.

Interview Components:

It is essential to note that the interview process, particularly for client-facing treatment positions, may include a technical or practical component. Candidates may be asked to demonstrate their skills in real-time, which could include performing a treatment or procedure, to allow our team to assess proficiency, technique, and overall fit for the role. Only those candidates who continue to meet the requirements of the position will be eligible to advance to the next phase of the interview process.

Withdrawing Your Application

Application Withdrawal:

If at any point during the recruitment process you wish to withdraw your application, please communicate this directly to us. Your decision to withdraw will be noted, and your application will be removed from our system.

Interview Cancellation:

Should you need to cancel or reschedule an interview at any phase of the recruitment process, we request that you notify us as soon as possible using the contact information at the bottom of this policy page. This allows us to adjust our schedules and potentially offer the time slot to another candidate.

We recognize that candidates may be in the recruitment process with multiple other businesses, at the same time. We strongly encourage all candidates to be fair in their dealings with IVONNE at all times and to let us know if your recruitment is being affected by other opportunities. Doing so will allow you to remain eligible for future opportunities at IVONNE should your other options not work out as planned.

IVONNE reserves the right to remove any candidate from the recruitment process, for any reason and without advance notice.

Interview Confirmation & Policies

Interview Confirmation:
The time, date, and place of your interview will be confirmed electronically by email from  scheduling@acuityscheduling.com. This meeting serves the purpose of an interview related to your employment application and is not a job offer. Advancement to subsequent stages is reserved for selected candidates only.

Candidates are responsible for logging their interview appointments into their own. personal calendar or diary system and to arrive on time (usually no later than 10 minutes before the start interview start time).

Job Offer Authenticity:
Official job offers will solely be sent by IVONNE from the @ivonne.ca domain and presented on company letterhead. Please be aware that we will never request money in association with a job opportunity. All communications will originate exclusively from the @ivonne.ca domain.

Interview Assessment Criteria:
The interview will evaluate:

  • Oral Communication
  • Creative Thinking
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Customer Service
  • Technical skills related to the delivery of relevant treatments where applicable

Required Documentation:
During the interview, candidates are expected to present:

  1. Proof of identification (with photo)
  2. Proof of Canadian Citizenship (Passport, Birth Certificate, Citizenship Card)

Accommodation Measures:
If you need any accommodations during the selection process, please reach out to Ivonne Sanchez, Founder, at info@ivonne.ca.

Interview Conduct and Policies:

  • Candidates arriving late may risk exclusion from the interview process.
  • Absence from the interview without a valid reason will be interpreted as a withdrawal from the selection process. Rescheduling of the interview will be considered only under exceptional circumstances, such as:
    • Religious obligations
    • Death in the family
    • Serious illness
    • Pre-planned vacations with non-refundable costs
    • Participation in another appointment process assessment
    • Operational requirements (with manager approval)

Interviews that are canceled by the candidate without rescheduling within 48 hours will be deemed to have withdrawn their application and will be removed from our system. 


For the purpose of verifying qualifications and past employment, IVONNE requires candidates to provide references. References can be submitted in one of two formats:

  1. Employment Confirmation: This is a basic reference that confirms the duration and nature of the candidate's employment at the previous place of business.
  2. Qualification Certification: This is a comprehensive reference wherein the referee certifies that the candidate meets the qualifications for the position they are applying for. This should include details on how the candidate meets these qualifications based on their observed skills, achievements, and performance.

    Please indicate when providing references which format level applies. Candidates will be required to provide at least 1 reference to speak to their Qualification Certifications

It's important for both candidates and referees to understand the gravity and significance of providing references:

  • Accuracy and Authenticity: References should be accurate, authentic, and a true reflection of the candidate's capabilities and employment history.
  • Liability for False Statements: Referees who provide false, misleading, or grossly inaccurate statements may be liable for making false representations. It's essential for referees to be objective, honest, and ensure that their statements genuinely reflect the candidate's abilities and history.
  • Permission and Privacy: Candidates should ensure they have obtained permission from their referees before providing their contact details. This is to respect the privacy of the referee and to ensure they are aware that they might be contacted.

Reference Endorsement Integrity

When IVONNE receives endorsements from educational institutions or other industry professionals on behalf of a potential candidate, it is essential that the endorsing party has a thorough understanding of our offerings, values, and policies.

  1. Informed Endorsement: Before endorsing a candidate, educational institutions and industry professionals should familiarize themselves with the specifics of the role, our company culture, and the expectations we have for our team members. This ensures that their endorsement aligns the candidate's skills and qualifications with the requirements and ethos of IVONNE.

  2. Genuine Recommendations: It is vital for the integrity of the hiring process that endorsements are made based on genuine beliefs in the candidate's suitability for the role, rather than external motivations or objectives.

  3. Shared Responsibility: Both IVONNE and endorsing parties share a responsibility in ensuring that candidates are well-suited for roles, which in turn fosters a conducive work environment and upholds the high standards of service that IVONNE is known for.

If a candidate, once hired based on such an endorsement from any reference, either terminates their employment prematurely, is terminated due to performance issues, or does not align with the skillset as initially endorsed, it may reflect on the endorsing party's credibility.

If a highly endorsed candidate withdraws their application or does not appear to be candidating with a bonafide interest in the position then this may reflect poorly on the referring party.

In such cases, IVONNE reserves the right to reconsider the eligibility of the endorsing party to refer future students, colleagues, or other potential candidates to IVONNE. This measure ensures that all endorsements received are genuine, informed, and in the best interest of both the candidate and IVONNE.

Ethical Candidating and Offer Use

IVONNE is dedicated to creating genuine employment relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and shared goals. As part of this commitment, we expect that candidates engage in our candidating process with sincere intentions.

  1. Avoiding Offer Shopping: Candidates should not use potential or actual offers from IVONNE as a bargaining tool or leverage in their current employment or with other potential employers. Engaging in such behavior not only misrepresents the candidate's intentions but also detracts from the authenticity of our hiring process.

  2. Genuine Intentions: We value candidates who are genuinely interested in joining IVONNE and contributing to our mission. If we ascertain that a candidate is primarily engaging in the candidating process to bolster their current position or to gain advantages elsewhere, it may result in the immediate discontinuation of their candidating process with IVONNE.

  3. Transparency is Key: We encourage open communication. If a candidate's circumstances or intentions change during the candidating process, we appreciate being informed promptly.

By adhering to these principles, we can ensure a candidating process that respects the time, effort, and intentions of all parties involved.


We thank all potential candidates for their interest in joining our team. We look forward to receiving your applications through the official channels, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our policies.

IVONNE  reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. Please always refer to our official careers page for the most up-to-date information.

IVONNE employees and contractors participating in social media should remember that all policies and laws apply, including PIPEDA.

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