Conflict of Interest Policy

IVONNE aims to conduct all of its business and dealings in accordance with the policy below. It is up to each and every individual and entity to determine whether any conflict of interest exists, or may exist, prior to engaging with any of our services or products; and otherwise disclose whether any conflict of interest exists at such time that it becomes known after you have engaged our products or services.


This policy is designed to limit and prevent any conflict of interest situation between IVONNE, Inc. and another person or entity. It is up to each person or organization to be informed of their own Conflict of Interest policies in their respective workplaces.


This policy is primarily for (though not limited to) Government Employees, contractors, and agents of the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario and the City of Ottawa, and their related units.


By using our services (appointments or consultations), attending an event, or purchasing our products you agree to not to share or exchange with IVONNE, Inc. any information from your workplace that could be seen to be a breach of information, breach of trust, or share any information with IVONNE that could be deemed preferential or advantageous.

Disclosure and Collection of Information

In order to comply both with this policy and any prevailing legislation, IVONNE, Inc. requires that all clients or prospective government employee clients disclose their employment status prior to scheduling any appointment or consultation with our clinic.  We collect this information in order to track and monitor any offers, gifts, or rewards associated with government employees, in case any conflict of interest situation exists, or arises in the future.

Acceptance of Deals, Offers and Gifts

By using services and purchasing products at IVONNE you agree not to solicit or accept any gift, hospitality, or other benefit that will, could, or could be perceived to influence your judgement or call into question your professional responsibilities, and what may otherwise jeopardize our relationship with you.


If you or anyone you know could be in contravention of this policy or their workplace Conflict of Interest policy where IVONNE, Inc. is directly involved, please contact us by e-mail at or by mail using the details provided below:

0116-320 Queen Street, Ottawa, ON  K1R5A3   Canada


IVONNE, Inc. accepts no responsibility for any wilful act of conflict of interest, nor for any act of conflict of interest by act of omission.

IVONNE, Inc. reserves the right to revoke, cancel, suspend or withdraw any services, product, or access to product, program, or access to any program as it deems necessary in order to comply with this policy.

Updated: November 26, 2021