Regulatory Compliance, Inspections, and Investigations Policy

Updated December 6, 2021

IVONNE, Inc. ("IVONNE") intends to comply with all Municipal, Provincial, and Federal regulations and policies governing our services and products.

Procedure For Inspections and Investigation

Officers and agents of public agencies may request to conduct their inspections or investigations in accordance with their duties and responsibilities of their respective legislation, and subject the following policy:

1) Requests for inspection and/or investigation shall be verbally or in writing, and made to an officer or director of IVONNE. Employees, contractors, partners, or affiliates are not authorized to speak on behalf of IVONNE, Inc. unless express authorization is provided in writing in advance. IVONNE accepts no responsibility for any unauthorized statement.

2) A requesting officer or agent will provide official proof of credentials (i.e. badge, and photo identification) and proof of role within their agency, and their identification shall be in accordance with the following:

The identification and photograph must not have been materially changed in physical appearance or composition, or contain a damaged, defective or otherwise nonfunctioning chip, or include unauthorized changes, obliterations, entries or photographs, or has observable wear or tear (fading, bending, or folding) that renders it unfit for presentation.

The identification must not be expired.

Any photo identification must be a true likeness of the requesting official and must be up to date to reflect their age and their current appearance.

Proof of identification must be presented upon initial visit or request, and may be requested at our reception desk upon such further visits or appointments.

IVONNE reserves the right to reject initial inquiries or requests related to inspections, or investigations where an interpretation must be made as to the authenticity of officer or agents identity. IVONNE may request additional forms of proof to validate the authenticity of any inspection or investigation.

3) All officers or agents are advised to first register with the Place de Ville Security desk located at Tower A on the main floor, and obtain a security badge. IVONNE is not responsible for any party that does not first register with the Place de Ville security desk.

4) All officers or agents are required to first complete any and all self-screening forms, including, but not limited to COVID-19 self-screening. Separately, additional waivers may be required in order to enter the premises.

IVONNE, Inc. is not staffed to accommodate inspections, or investigations during our normal business hours. As such, any agent or officer who presents at our reception desk to conduct an investigation or inspection may be asked to schedule an appointment with an officer of the corporation (or authorized or designated person) subject to the following exceptions:

a) The agent is operating under regulations that allow them to interfere with the operations of a business on the basis of urgency to protect any person from an imminent health or personal safety risk; or

b) The agent is a peace officer is conducting an investigation involving the imminent safety or risk of safety of a person, or investigating a crime in progress, or about to occur.

IVONNE does not otherwise accept unannounced agents or officers conducting inspections or investigations. Rationale: The safety and level of service that our clients deserve means that we are unable to interrupt, postpone, delay, or otherwise cancel any client service to assist with any inspection or investigation.

Reason and Cause of Inspection or Investigation

Officers and agents conducting any investigation or inquiry on the premises of the business shall disclose their reason for doing so, including:

1) any notice of complaint or report, setting out the specifics of the complaint and the reason for the investigation;

2) the regulation or legislation under which the investigation is taking place, including any specific provisions citations;

3) Specific information that is required of IVONNE, and its relevance to the inspection or investigation;

Any request for personal information related to clients, employees, contractors, partners, or affiliates of IVONNE must be made in writing.

By default, IVONNE (as a small business with limited resources) reserves the right to designate an appointed agent or legal counsel to service any inspection or investigation.

IVONNE reserves the right to reject any immediate investigation or inspection on the grounds of a complaint that in the mind of a director is an obvious falsehood, exaggeration, or investigation made with malicious intent, where no justification exists. In such cases officers or agents may request a scheduled appointment time to conduct their business.

IVONNE does not support investigations or inspection processes where the goal of the agent or officer is to find any such reason to issue a citation, that is not related to the matter at hand. IVONNE is not responsible for officers or agents with citations related to their professional performance objectives.

IVONNE accepts no responsibility for any citations, judgments, or orders issued or arising from an inspection, or investigation that are deemed by IVONNE to be vexatious, frivolous, or influenced by the officers professional performance objectives or "quotas".


IVONNE takes all health and safety regulations and matters seriously. Any agent or officer conducting any inspection or investigation who finds infractions of any regulation must report the following to IVONNE:

  • A detailed description of the infraction including photographs, or additional statements and explanations;
  • A specific citation of the prevailing regulation and policy together with an explanation as to how the citation applies to the infraction (it is not enough to simply state the section number of any act or regulation, but must also include reasoning as to why);
  • Specific recommendations and solutions that can be followed in a practical way to allow IVONNE to move from a state of non-compliance to a state of compliance.
  • Any other such information that achieves the end goal of compliance and safety.

IVONNE does not accept responsibility for any inspection or investigative report that fails to adequately identify the issues raised.

IVONNE does not, through posting this process, or through receiving an inspection report, judgment, order, or citation, admit guilt, or accept responsibility and will instead conduct its own internal investigation to determine whether any citations are justified, legitimate, lawful, and what remedies should be implemented (if any).

Public Reports

Clients and members of the public may report any compliance or safety issues using the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Other Policies

All investigations and inspections are subject to other such policies as found on our website at

Contact Information and Address For Service

All investigations, inspections, or inquiries must be made in advance in writing to:
0116-320 Queen Street, Ottawa ON  K1R 5A3