Communication Policy


At IVONNE, clear and secure communication is essential. Our Communication Policy outlines how we connect with our clients, potential clients, and suppliers. It ensures the protection of personal data and sets standards for authentic and transparent interactions. Please familiarize yourself with our guidelines below.


Active Client - For the purposes of this Communication Policy, an "Active Client" is defined as an individual who has completed an appointment, including (virtual) consultation at IVONNE in the last 12 months, is on schedule with a predetermined treatment plan, or has purchased products and is within a typical use-up cycle.

Unknown Domains - For the purposes of this policy, an "unknown domain" refers to any domain name that is privately registered, thereby obscuring the identity of the domain owner and/or the associated contact information in the WHOIS database or equivalent domain information repositories.

Unsubscribing: The act of voluntarily opting out or withdrawing one's consent to receive specific types of communication, typically electronic or digital, such as emails, newsletters, or text messages, from a particular source or sender.

Who Is Eligible To Communicate With IVONNE?

Telephone, voicemail, text, email, chatbot, and instant messaging communication channels are reserved strictly for the use of our active clients and prospective clients seeking treatments at IVONNE, as well as active suppliers of IVONNE.

Who Is Not Eligible To Communicate With IVONNE?

If you've acquired any of IVONNE's contact details from a third-party source, specifically from a purchased email or telephone list, please be advised that unauthorized communication is not permitted. This extends to prospective suppliers who have not been granted prior approval for correspondence.

Additionally, individuals or entities with intentions of 'mystery shopping' to probe our operational procedures, ascertain our trade secrets, or uncover any of our proprietary information, are strictly prohibited from initiating any form of communication with IVONNE. It's imperative to highlight that any attempts to conduct phishing schemes, disseminate malware, or partake in fraudulent or other illicit activities are not only unwelcome but are also expressly forbidden. We prioritize the integrity and security of our communications, and we urge all parties to respect these boundaries.

For those who have not obtained explicit permission to email IVONNE through alternative channels, please be advised that IVONNE is under no obligation to accept or acknowledge such unsolicited email communication.

Communication with Privately Registered Domains

Non-Communication with Unknown Domains: IVONNE reserves the right to abstain from communicating, or restrict communication, with unknown domains. This includes, but is not limited to, sending, receiving, responding to, or acting upon, any electronic communications, transactions, or other interactive activities facilitated by such domains.

Risk Mitigation: This policy is instated to protect IVONNE and its stakeholders from potential risks associated with interacting with entities of unknown ownership, which may include but are not limited to phishing attacks, fraud, and other cybersecurity threats.

Exemptions: Exemptions to this policy may be granted on a case-by-case basis, subject to a comprehensive risk assessment and approval from designated authority within IVONNE.

Verification: Should the ownership of a privately registered domain become verifiable through reliable means, and provided that the domain and its owner pass IVONNE's risk assessment and due diligence processes, communication restrictions may be reconsidered.

Notification: IVONNE may, at its discretion, notify the sender from an unknown domain about this policy and provide them with options to verify their identity and/or domain ownership, where applicable and feasible.

Review and Revisions: This policy and its clauses shall be subject to periodic reviews and may be revised to reflect changes in risk factors, technology, and applicable laws and regulations.

Communication Timelines

IVONNE strives to respond to all communication within 48 business hours, though this could vary depending on the volume of communication received.

How We Communicate With You

For your safety and protection IVONNE will only ever communicate with you through any of the following channels:

  • By email from the following domains:

    including (but not limited to) the following accounts,,,,

    We will never send you emails from free webmail accounts like Google or This means that our staff will never contact you from their personal email accounts or from their personal social media accounts to do business.

  • Through our scheduling system from;
  • Through our SMS marketing system at 1-833-772-2945 or (343) 655-1445;
  • Via our prescription pad updates from;
  • By landline from (613) 695-6662; 
  • Through social media @ivonneclinic or website chatbot

Important: IVONNE is not the only business to use Acuity Scheduling for its appointment system. There are a variety of other businesses that also use this same service. If you have saved in your personal contact list under a different business name then the "from" name may be confusing when you receive emails related to our treatment notifications.

Updating Your Communication Preferences

To update your marketing preferences please use the subscription links in the bottom of our marketing emails.

To update your telephone and SMS marketing preferences please use the form on this page:

SMS (Text Message Notice): Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency may vary. Reply HELP for help. Reply STOP to unsubscribe. 

Unsubscribing From All Marketing Communication

At IVONNE, we are firmly committed to adhering to the highest standards of digital communication and ethical practices. We strictly comply with anti-spam regulations and the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). Every communication initiated from our platform is designed to be transparent, honest, and of genuine interest to the recipient. We ensure that all our electronic messages have a clear and easy-to-find opt-out mechanism, and we honor all opt-out requests promptly. Further, we only engage in electronic communication with those who have given explicit consent, either implied or expressed, in line with CASL's stringent guidelines. Our commitment is not just about legal adherence but ensuring trust and respect in every interaction with our stakeholders.

IVONNE regularly sends, transmits, and otherwise broadcasts marketing-related communication through the following channels to those who have subscribed to our communication, have received treatment or consultations in our clinic, or have purchased products through us directly or our partners:

a) Email marketing, including one-to-one communication
b) SMS Text Message marketing
c) Telephone calls, including voicemail messages
e) Neighborhood mail campaigns
f) Search engine including display and keyword campaigns
g) Print media in relevant publications
i) Social media paid advertisements

To remove yourself from any or all of the above please complete the above form or email us at requesting to be removed from the relevant channels. IVONNE regularly updates its marketing lists every 30 to 90 days on a best-effort basis. You agree that IVONNE may change its marketing platforms, and at any time, and while we strive to preserve our opt-out lists there exists the rare possibility that you may need to opt-out again. You also agree that IVONNE is permitted to maintain your personal contact information on file in order to comply with your request to be removed from marketing. 

By choosing to unsubscribe (or by providing instructions to unsubscribe) from IVONNE's communications, you accept the inherent risks associated with missing out on vital updates. This may include but is not limited to, non-transactional announcements, product recalls, exclusive offers, and other pertinent information that could affect your experience with us. While we respect your decision to manage the communications you receive, it's essential to understand that unsubscribing might prevent you from being informed about significant developments or opportunities related to our services and products. We encourage you to carefully consider the implications before opting out, to ensure you remain in the loop regarding all critical updates from IVONNE.

Understanding Unsubscribing at IVONNE

When you choose to unsubscribe from IVONNE's communications, it signifies your decision to cease receiving specific types of communications. This encompasses text message marketing, suppression of incoming text messages, prevention of any email correspondence, voicemail marketing, and targeted paid advertising. It's crucial to comprehend that the act of unsubscribing may have lasting effects.

Often, simply resubscribing won't reinstate all previous communication preferences, and you may need to work directly with IVONNE to be readmitted to any missing communication channels. We emphasize caution and thoughtful consideration before choosing to unsubscribe. Additionally, IVONNE reserves the right to unsubscribe any client at its discretion and without prior notice.

Risks In Not Subscribing To Our Marketing Communication

For potential clients who have yet to subscribe to IVONNE's communications, it's crucial to recognize the significance of staying informed. Not being part of our communication channels might mean missing out on essential decision-making information that directly impacts how you interact with our offerings. This extends beyond insights about our latest services and exclusive offers. It encompasses critical updates, timely alerts about product recalls, and other pivotal announcements that could influence your choices and actions concerning IVONNE. Engaging with our communications not only ensures you're well-informed but also empowers you to make decisions with complete knowledge of all relevant facts. We strongly urge considering a subscription to remain abreast of all vital information and make the most of your experience with us.

Our Respective Responsibilities In Digital Communication

It is the sole responsibility of you the client to ensure that you remain subscribed to our marketing communication which is distinctly separate from our appointment notifications. IVONNE makes its best effort to broadcast marketing communication to its subscribers and cannot be held responsible for missed marketing communication.

When completing any form through our website, or when prompted with an email asking if we can communicate with you, it is critically important that you tap the link that "confirms your email address". Doing so ensures that you will be reachable by our marketing email system.

Your Responsibilities Upon Subscribing To IVONNE Communication

Subscribing to IVONNE's communications comes with certain responsibilities to ensure seamless interaction. When you receive an email prompting you to confirm your subscription, it is essential to click on the "click here to confirm your email" link. Responding to the email with messages such as "this is confirmed" may not suffice for the confirmation process. It is also your responsibility to monitor your SPAM folder and any email gateways to ensure our communications reach you. To facilitate smooth delivery, we recommend that you or your organization whitelist our email domain, ensuring our messages are not inadvertently classified as spam or blocked.

Circumstances for IVONNE To Modify Subscriptions

At IVONNE, while we value open communication with our subscribers, there are specific circumstances under which we may choose to unsubscribe, suppress, or modify the communications a subscriber receives. Such actions may be taken for reasons including, but not limited to, a subscriber's non-compliance with our policies, or technical constraints where our marketing system prioritizes sending communications to our most engaged clients. Our primary aim is to ensure that our communications remain relevant, timely, and compliant with both our standards and the preferences of our subscribers. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these instances.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Communication

When communicating with IVONNE through artificial intelligence platforms or tools, including but not limited to ChatGPT, the sender bears specific responsibilities:

Accuracy & Clarity: The sender is responsible for ensuring that the information conveyed through AI is both accurate and clear. While AI can facilitate rapid communication, it may not always capture the intricacies or nuances of a conversation. Senders should review and, if necessary, manually refine any AI-generated communication before dispatching it to IVONNE.

Understanding Data Handling: It's the sender's responsibility to be aware of how their chosen AI tool handles, processes, and retains data. This includes, but is not limited to, any potential data logging or storage by the AI platform.

Ensuring Authenticity: The sender should use AI tools responsibly, ensuring that all communications sent to IVONNE are genuine and relevant. IVONNE reserves the right to ignore or decline any communications deemed to be spammy, inauthentic, or generated with excessive or inappropriate AI utilization.

By using AI tools to communicate with IVONNE, the sender acknowledges these responsibilities and agrees to abide by them. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in IVONNE disregarding or not responding to the communication. Due to the ever-evolving technical capacities of email systems, the sender also acknowledges that messages written using AI technology could be flagged as SPAM or cause it to bounce.

Attachment Limitations in Communications with IVONNE

When sending attachments in your communications to IVONNE, please be mindful of the following limitations:

Size Restrictions: Attachments and overall message sizes should not exceed 25 MB in total size. Oversized files may not be successfully received, and can potentially disrupt our email service or system performance.

Prohibited File Extensions: To maintain the security and integrity of our systems, we do not accept attachments with certain file extensions. Specifically, files with the extensions .ZIP, .EXE, .BAT, CMD etc.. In addition Microsoft Office documents which are encrypted e.g. .doc, .xls, ppt);
Compressed files and archives that are encrypted; and
Compressed files and archives that are not encrypted

are prohibited and will be automatically blocked or deleted upon receipt.

We urge all communicants to adhere to these guidelines to ensure smooth and secure communication with IVONNE. Failure to comply may result in your communication being disregarded or not processed.

Email Bounces

At IVONNE we take email security very seriously, and we use rigorous compliance rules to ensure that our environment and our staff are protected from malicious email and bad actors. IVONNE has adopted a white-list practice to to minimize the impact to its clients. Despite our best efforts, some clients may still receive bounceback messages such as the one below:

From: Mail Delivery Subsystem <>

Subject: <Your Original Subject Line>

Body: Message not delivered
There was a problem delivering your message to See the technical details below, or try
resending in a few minutes.

The response from the remote server was:

550 5.7.1 Your email has been rejected by this organization because it contains spam-
like characteristics. - gcdp 


To ensure that your message is received, please contact us by phone at (613) 695-6662 to let us know that your message has bounced. We will review the problem with our email provider and let you know once it is possible to try again.

Once a message has bounced it is not possible for IVONNE to release it, or access the contents since the communication has been rejected at our email gateway.

To avoid having your message bounced it is recommended to avoid sending emails that may contain phrases that could be seen as "spam-like".

IVONNE does not accept bulk email communication from mass mailing systems namely from MailChimp, Salesforce, or Amazon SES. All such communication is automatically blocked. Suppliers are strongly discouraged from using mass email platforms for multi-factor authentication notifications, or to confirm registrations. IVONNE cannot accept any responsibility for supplier use of mass email platforms such as those outlined above for its operations. 

Security Measures

IVONNE takes digital communication security seriously. We use such measures as two-factor authentication, device passwords, encryption, and use DNSSEC, SPIF, DKIM, and DMARC policies at our domain to minimize security risks when sending and receiving email. This also limits the potential for fraud, phishing, and bad actors. Despite these best efforts, it is still possible that you could receive malicious, spoofed, or phishing communication that originates or appears to originate from IVONNE. IVONNE cannot accept any responsibility for any such communication, including any losses, or damages.

Email Communication Limitations with Specific Domains

While IVONNE endeavors to maintain clear and consistent email communication with all our clients and partners, we must note that there are specific domains for which we cannot guarantee successful email exchanges. Particularly, communications between IVONNE and those identified below may experience disruptions or non-delivery. Individuals using these domains should consider alternative email addresses when corresponding, submitting website forms, or creating appointments with IVONNE to ensure consistent and uninterrupted communication. IVONNE reserves the right, but not the obligation to limit domains from communicating with us digitally, and may choose to do so for any reasons including non-cooperation, security concerns, or other risks to IVONNE.

Restricted Domains:
Domain: Date: August 26, 2021 ticket INC2108-4775
Domain: Date: October 22, 2023

Distinction of Official and Personal Communications from IVONNE

Receiving an email from an IVONNE domain does not automatically signify an official engagement or correspondence on behalf of the business. There may be instances where personal emails or individual dealings might originate from our domain. In cases where communications appear to be personal or are indeed personal in nature, the sender should transmit such communications from their own personal email address, not the IVONNE domain. IVONNE expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for personal communications sent from our domain and urges recipients to verify the nature of any communication they receive.

Communications from Government, Non-Government Organizations ("NGO") or Corporate and Business Domains

When IVONNE receives communications from government, NGO, or business email domains, our default assumption is that the correspondence is an official representation of that entity. However, we understand that there might be exceptions where an individual might use their official email for personal reasons. To avoid any confusion or misrepresentation, we encourage individuals reaching out for non-official or personal matters to use their personal email addresses. If you're contacting us from a government or business domain, please clearly specify the nature and intent of your communication, so we can respond appropriately and maintain the integrity of our interactions.

Determination of Interaction Capacity

When engaging with individuals or entities, especially those reaching out from government, NGO, or corprate business domains, IVONNE reserves the right to determine and deal in the capacity we deem appropriate to effectively deliver our services. Our primary objective is to ensure optimal service provision and, concurrently, reduce potential liabilities. This may mean interpreting communications from official domains as representing the affiliated organization unless specified otherwise. We prioritize the clarity, efficacy, and security of our interactions and may adjust our approach based on the context and nature of the communication received to protect our interests and limit our liabilities.

Official Notices Including Legal Notices

Inbound critical communication to IVONNE should never rely solely on a single delivery channel e.g. email alone. Instead, all essential communication requiring a response or action should also be sent by regular mail using the contact details located at the bottom of this policy. Any official legal notices also sent by email should be directed to IVONNE cannot accept any responsibility for critical communication that is not received via regular mail.

How To Report Suspicious Communication

If you receive an email or any form of communication that appears suspicious or uncharacteristic from IVONNE, or any other member of our team, please do not engage or click on any links. Instead, immediately report it to us using the contact information found at the bottom of this policy.


Email and other forms of digital communication are offered on a best-effort basis, as-is, and without any guarantees or assurance of delivery or availability. IVONNE cannot accept any responsibility for loss of communication, for lack of delivery, misdelivered communication, or corrupt communication. IVONNE accepts no responsibility for communication that may contain malware, or for spoofed communication, or communication that may falsely represent IVONNE or form party of any phishing campaigns. All communication is subject to our Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy, which may be found online at

By submitting your personal information through direct email, on a form on our website, through our booking system, in a paper form, through an in-person visit, by telephone, or by submitting your business card you agree to our Policies. If you do not agree to our policies then please do not send us your personal information.

Changes To This Policy

IVONNE reserves the right, but not the obligation to amend this policy from time to time, and all without notice. It is your responsibility to visit our website and to stay apprised of our policies as they may change from time to time. Due to the nature of email communication being undelivered or sent to SPAM there is no guarantee that our notices will reach you.

Contact Information

For more information about this policy, you may contact IVONNE, Inc. using the information below:


Regular Mail
0116-320 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON K1R 5A3

By Phone
(613) 695-6662

Social Media Channels 

Legal Notices

All legal notices may be sent to:

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Last Updated: October 11, 2023

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September 25, 2023 Extensive update.
October 11, 2023 Added provisions on communication with privately registered domains.